Ms Shraddha from Sahayadri Industries Ltd alongwith her colleagues gifting a helmet to Mr Rajendra Patil President of Pune Shramik Patrakar Sangh as part of their road awareness safety campaign 

NATHEALTH announces the new Leadership Team for the year 2019-20


Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, MD, FRCP (UK), Chairman of Manipal Hospitals, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Bangalore elected as the President of NATHEALTH


20 phenomenal women honoured on Women’s Day at Punyadham Ashram

20 phenomenal women from different walks of life … all in their own capacities having contributed to society and who pursued the path of doing good, were honoured at Punyadham Ashram on 8th March 2019 on International Women’s Day.

The Chief Guest of the event was Vinita Deshmukh, former senior journalist of Indian Express, an RTI & women’s activist and a famous author. Guests of Honour – Arti Ghule, President of Maharashtra Mahila Sangh & Shalini Nandwani & Special Guest Anuradha Ulhasdada Pawar graced the event.

20 phenomenal women – teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, women in field of banking, beauty, fashion designing, social work, culinary skills and more were felicitated for their indomitable resilience and spirit towards bringing about a change in lives of others, were honoured at the hands of the guests and Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram.

The morning became even more special when Nandatai Lonkar, the Nagarsewika from Kondhwa came with the ex-Mayor Smt Rajalaxmi Bhosle and other nagarsewikas from the vicinity.

Smt. Rajalaxmi Bhosale expressed her happiness on coming to Punyadham and said that she felt so much peace & contentment after Maa’s embrace and this was one of the best women’s day celebrations she has ever attended.

The women honoured were :
Zia Nagani
Bhagyashri Ankalkote Patil
Dr Puja Upasani
Dr Krishna Bhatt
Sajiri Utturkar
Shehnaz Chawla
Archana Kumari
Kalpana Chatterjee
Nutan Marathe
Shilwati Page
Utkarsha Keni
Roopam Chopra
Mohini Anand
Indu Grover
Dr Ranjana Powar
Vaishali Deokar
Nirmala Maheshwari
Saroj Gupta
Meenu Mirchandani
Anuradha Ulhasdada Pawar

It was time for the ladies to share their thoughts and ideas on women empowerment and how they could bring about a change in our future generations, whether it is imbibing in them good values of kindness & gratitude, awareness towards waste disposal and our fragile environment, issues affecting our working women and women from backward society and so on.

Vinita Deshmukh brought out many aspects of womanhood and said that she is happy that India is very fast becoming a nation where our women are becoming well educated and aware of their rights but there is a lot to be done to spread it to small remote areas of our vast country.

Vinita emphasized that education and awareness can help women understand their rights.

Arti Ghule brought out how every day she comes across women from diverse backgrounds with problems that need attention at various levels.

She said that a lot of work needs to be done but at the same time she is positive that there are already so many organizations working towards this cause.

Maa shared her own story as to how she faced huge challenges and how she took it upon herself to face them.

Maa did not allow loneliness and grief to bring her down but instead set goals for herself which brought new people into her lives and became her family.

She said that she prays every morning to God that we should teach our children to love & respect our elders so that there is never a need for a Senior Citizens’ Homes anywhere and that such homes should welcome only those who are left with no one to care and support. We need to teach our young generation these values. She emphasized how each one of us has tremendous inner strength and we should channelize it for the betterment of ourselves first, then our family, the society and in turn our nation.

In the end, the Master of Ceremonies- Amita Baindur who with keeping the humour intact, skillfully anchored the whole program, thanked each one for coming together and celebrating ‘Being a Woman’.


20 phenomenal women were honoured on Women’s Day at Punyadham Ashram, on 8th March 2019.

Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram felicitates Shalini Nandwani, as Chief Guest Vinita Deshmukh looks on.

Chief Guest Vinita Deshmukh felicitates Krishna Bhatt.

Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram felicitates Mohini Anand.

Inter-School Quiz Held by Lila Poonawalla Foundation

9 schools and over 300 students participated

National Science Day is celebrated in India each year.

On this occasion a great number of science activities are executed all over the nation to discuss all the issues and implement new technologies for the development in the field of science and to encourage the people as well as popularize the Science and Technology.

A science quiz competition was organized at Noor Al Bassam Hall in Pune by Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Around 300 girls from 9 different schools of the city participated in the competition.

The first round of the quiz was conducted in their respective schools recently.

90 girls were shortlisted out of the 300 participants.

The quiz competition was organized by the peace ambassadors 2018 of Lila Poonawalla foundation in Pune.

Peace ambassadors are the 24 lila girls that go through a personality development program in UK, and work for the betterment of the society.

The winners of this competition was Prerana Madhyamik Vidyalaya & St. Clare’s Girls School & Chaitanya English Medium School was the 1st runner up & 2nd runner up awarded with the prizes by the Chief Guest Harshada Babrekar(LF-2001 & PA-2009) & Firoz Poonawalla (Founder Trustee, LPF).

TechnoFox to organise Virtual Reality Expo specially crafted for the real estate segment in the Pune region

: TechnoFox is the “World’s 1st Virtual Reality Expo for Real Estate”,a futuristic and unique digital marketing concept that provides a vibrant virtual platform for builders to showcase their brand and property projects with a transforming experience to homebuyers.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a high-end technology to generates imulations or recreation of real-life environment or situations.

It immerses the user by stimulating their vision and hearing for a mesmerizing 3D and 360 degree experience.

On the occasion Mr. Vineet Deo, (CMD, Posiview), Mr. Tarak Shukla (MapleLEAF), Mr. Samudra Gupta (Congnilements) and Mr. Khagesh Desai (Melzo) share their perspective & details about the new initiative.

Mr. Vineet Dev (CMD, PoseView) said, Considering the fact that, buying a home is an emotional goal for every individual and has always been a challenge through traditional ways of exploring property options, it is about time the real estate industry changes their marketing techniques to attract and increase the footfall of customers at their door steps. With growing demand for real estate, the need for a reliable ‘property locator’ is the need of the hour.

The visualization of the property exteriors and interiors through virtual reality is what TechnoFox VR Expo facilitates for potential buyers, along with real-time visitor data analytics and VR collaterals to the builders.

The VR Expo concept demonstrates the power of technology to witness the creativity on any hand-held device and will showcase the next leap in marketing strategy to open a completely new horizon for marketing the real estate projects for the builders.

The VRExpo will empower and enable home buyers to explore their needs and arrive at a much quicker decision through a virtual walk-through experience of the showcased properties from renowned builders.

The impeccable and delightful VR experience will certainly create a positive expression of interest for buyers to explore and decide on a property purchase, which will help builders boost sales conversions and achieve revenue targets.

TechnoFox is organizing the VR Expo specially crafted for the real estate segment in the Pune region and the Expo will be launched just before the auspicious occasion of Gudipadwa.
Watch out for the TechnoFox VR Expo launch date… Your wait for your dream property is about to end soon.

The Vineyard – India’s Premiere Wine & Cheese Festival

Two day fun filled festival

‘The Vineyard – India’s Premiere Wine & Cheese Festival’ will open it’s doors to Puneites for a two day fun filled event on 16th & 17th March, 2019 at Classic Rock Kalyaninagar.

This two day unique and vibrant festival will be executed across multiple cities across India once every month. It will witness large numbers of wine brands participating in the festival. The festival will include top wine brands Sula, Rio, Grovers and Yash wines and the Music partner will be “Crossloop – India’s first and only Designer Earphones”.

The festival started from Mumbai and is happening this coming weekend and will be travelling to various cities across India like Nagpur, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Indore, Goa, Delhi.

The line up of artists for the 2 day festival is MH43, Komal’s Live Jazz band, DJ Rawking (official DJ of Mika Singh), DJ Faith (Bhangra King of Pune), DJ Rahul Singh, DJ Spike. Also present at the festival would be Celebrity Magician and Illusionist Vivek Desai who would be wooing the audience with his close up magic.

The international acts include a Flamenco Dance, Feather dance,
The two day event will also showcase various Fashion Shows by AAY India by Ashleysha alongwith the fashion designer Shweta Bhagwani from Sociall Butterfly, Wills Lifestyle and Oro Blanco.

“THE VINEYARD” aims at creating an unforgettable experience of sharing and celebration over a fun filled weekend with lots of entertainment like Grape Stomping, Fashion Shows, International Acts, Live Shows, A Silent Headphones Party & crowd engaging activities.

Addressing the media Mr. Mayur Kothari said, “We have conceptualized a unique event for wine connoisseurs and novices alike, where Punekars can taste and enjoy fine WINES & CHEESE platters along with scrumptious food from India. The festival will witness large amount of wine brands participating in the festival and expect to experience some amazing wines with some terrific events throughout fest.”

Sat / Sun – 16th / 17th March 2019
Venue : Classic Rock, Kalyaninagar
Time: 3 pm onwards
Photo caption:
Mayur Kothari, Curator of The Vineyard adressing the media at a press conference along with other members.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Madhavbaug launches ‘Madhavbaug Hriday Sangini’ health movement in Pune

: In order to check the rampant growth of heart diseases among women, the ‘Madhavbaug Hriday Sangini’ health movement was launched in Pune recently. Well known theatre and film artist as well as writer Sonali Kulkarni inaugurated the initiative, of which she is also the brand ambassador.

Dr. Rohit Sane, founder and CEO of Madhavbaug welcomed everyone for the launch of this health movement on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. Sonali Kulkarni formally launched the logo of the movement as well as the ‘Hriday Sangini Heart Health Meter’ mobile app. Speaking at the occasion, Sonali Kulkarni expressed her happiness to be connected to the Madhavbaug family. Madhavbaug aims to provide heart health check up and health guidance to one lakh women in the coming one year through this movement. Sonali said that she would also participate in this program herself. Selected women patients who have successfully overcome heart diseases were felicitated on the occasion along with the women doctors who guided them in it and the women panchkarma therapists.

Following are the excerpts of the speech by Sonali Kulkarni, delivered in this function –

“I had heard about Madhavbaug in various contexts till now. When I received their proposal to become the brand ambassador of this initiative on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I was surprised to be honest. Often we find that when we wish to do something, the circumstances inexplicably lead us in that particular direction. When the Madhavbaug representatives explained to me their dream about this initiative, they were so passionate that I decided to visit Madhavbaug myself first before taking up this cause. When perfectly normal and happy people around us suddenly have some heart incidence, we are shocked. Dr. Rohit has explained this so well. What’s our lifestyle beyond the moment of heart attack? How were we living before it happened and how do we wish to live to face tomorrow? All these things are very important medically. Of course this includes our mental health as well. We must be happy and we must feel contented, there’s no doubt about it because only then our body can remain happy. As I understood the whole concept of Madhavbaug, I realized that it’s not like I rush in here after getting a heart disease, tell these people to do a check up, tell them to cure me and send me home, expecting them to own the entire responsibility here onwards. Here, the concept is we need to take care of our heart and we need to do that even when there’s no reason to do it. And then, if and when the need arises, they would come to help us. This is a very interesting and important concept indeed. The very term Hriday Sangini combines two great words. I see a lot of Sanginis or companions here. We all ought to come together. Madhavbaug has decided to bring all these friends together ‘Heart to heart’ this year.

We must respond to it and participate in it in large numbers.

We have been hearing for years that when the woman of the family gets educated, her entire family gets educated. We are going to try and reach out to exactly that woman of the family and tell her how it’s the first and foremost thing to take care of one’s health.

I am really happy that I am getting associated with the Madhavbaug family. Dr. Rohit, I assure you that you are going to reach not one lakh but one lakh one women and that extra one is me. I like to take interest in every small, little thing in my house.

Be it setting the curd at night or seeing to it that there are sprouts and green vegetables cooked at home at least twice a week.

I am quite particular about it. I like to participate in planning our weekly menu and I do it by involving the other members of my family.

I am sure I’m not alone in this. All these women present here like to do the same by choice and in some cases even by compulsion. However, in the process, if we women ignore our own health I’m sure every day we will wake up in the morning feeling we are doing favors to others in the family and the day would end feeling, ‘I’m doing so much for these people and they just do not value it.’ Inevitably, we would go to bed sulking and probably crying.

I feel the tears in our eyes are very valuable. We may be able to get anything else that money can buy but the tears in our eyes are so invaluable, we must not waste them. If we value our tears the family will do it too. Let’s remember ‘My mission is a healthy heart. My family, my heart.’

Photo Captions-
1. Sonali Kulkarni formally launched the logo of the movement as well as the ‘Hriday Sangini Heart Health Meter’ mobile app
2. Felicitation of all the brave ladies who fought heart diseases and now are totally healthy