Do come to LITFLIX on Wednesday 30th January at 5.30pm for a screening of
Bring friends who enjoy stimulating cinema.
See you there.

On Wednesday 30th January 2019
LITFLIX presents the film adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s sensational play
It may shock you but it will certainly make you think.
Location: Gyaan Adab
Time 5:30pm
*ing Richard Burton
Do come and bring friends along who enjoy stimulating cinema.
See you there..

ps: Please note that at Between The Lines we will be discussing Equus on 6th February. So its good time to prepare for it

“Shoots with Sam”

Introduced by Celebrity photographer Sameer Belvalkar

First of its kind concept in photography

Pune: The dawn of the digital photography has brought about huge changes recently, and those changes have been growing faster and faster over the past few years as digital SLR cameras are becoming cheaper, better, and making photography much more accessible. This has changed the state of photography. Photography is becoming easier to learn, and more and more people are choosing it as a career. The Problem here is that the customers often mistake bad photography for good photography.

After a lot of research, we have identified this need in the current market scenario and hence – Shoots With Sam.

Speaking at the occasion, Sameer Belvalkar says, “We make an effort to fill in the gap where there is a need for a professional, experienced, trained photographer who will shoot in budget prices but take the customer through a thorough professional experience.” We understand the value of simplicity, and so, we have focused on the essentials and removed the superfluous. Prioritizing on the needs of the customer, and organizing the categories in a simple way, we have made sure that we provide easy and straight forward navigation to our users, he further added.”

This is perhaps the first time in the Industry that this has ever happened where an experienced photographer of the calibre of Sameer who needs no introduction and has shot numerous Bollywood films like Jodha Akbar, My Name Is Khan and shot with superstars like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar etc, to name a few has introduced this model which is giving employment to other photographers and is bridging the gap between the industry and the end customers.

Soon after the project takes off well in Pune, they plan to expand to other cities soon.

ShootswithSam brand has recognized that there is a void in the market for good photographers who are professionally trained and can shoot at reasonable costs. We plan to proactively fill this void where anyone can go and find their required photographer in their budgets. ShootswithSam, a venture by Sameer Belvalkar, believes in the idea of offering its clients the ease of finding a professionally trained photographer at their finger tips.

The ShootswithSam brand has a team of photographers who have been handpicked and meticulously trained over a period of 6 months by Sameer Belvalkar himself. By working with professionals trained by Sameer Belvalkar, the customers are assured with the highest level of service: good quality images, secured online payment, customizable packages, budget friendly rates and an on-time & doorstep delivery.

Aurionpro pioneers automated fare collection (AFC) system– a Big Step in Smart Transportation and Smart Mobility in India

The AFC system is based on the open loop technology and Aurionpro is market leader in this space.

. Noida metro project was inaugurated amidst much fanfare and anticipation recently by Mr. Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh. The highlight of the launch was the implementation of the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system based on the open loop ticketing concept implemented by Aurionpro — the first-of-its-kind in India. Now, commuters can purchase a QR-code ticket, RuPay contactless smart card or use Mobile ticketing application to use and pay for the ride. With this new technology Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (NMRC) will save on cost. In addition, it is very easy to maintain and support. Aurionpro has provided this new age concept in the field of ticketing for AFC where card issued by State Bank of India & NMRC can be utilised not only for ticketing but for all kinds of purchases as it is EMV/RuPay standard

Riders will still be able to purchase monthly passes and tickets generated as QR code which can be printed and read by on board ticketing machines as well as gates at the station.

The AFC installation was implemented under a public/private partnership between a consortium of State Bank of India, SC Soft & Aurionpro and the NMRC to promote smart transportation and smart mobility in India. Aurionpro, being the lead technology partner, completed this prestigious project in a record time of 9 months reinforcing its strength in acquisition and implementation of multiple projects going forward. By bringing the QR-code-based ticketing to India for the first time, in Noida, AFC will prove to be cost effective for the Metro in comparison to the traditional token-based system currently installed across metros.

Furthermore, going forward these Card based payments and Mobile application can be used for multi model transportation across metros, buses, parking lots etc. owing to RuPay/EMV standard. Riders need not buy multiple tickets or cards for various modes of transport enhancing the ease of commuting with time, convenience and cost effectiveness.

While expressing pride about this initiative, Mr. Paresh Zaveri, Chairman and Managing Director, Aurionpro said, “We are extremely happy to have been an integral part of implementing the AFC system in the Noida metro. It will enable ease of access through cashless transactions. In the times to come, this QR-code-based payment forms will also be adapted on digital platforms, ultimately making way for paperless ticketing.”

Mr. Zaveri further added that “We are proud to be associated with NMRC and have successfully contributed in achieving the vision of NMRC’s one card one city for public transit systems through Aurionpro’s cutting edge technology. It’s our endeavour to be a technology partner for all such significant projects and participate in the development agenda of our country.”

Times & Trends Academy’s Annual Fashion Show surprises Pune with Fashion of Tomorrow

Pune, January 2019: Pune remains speechless with delight following the grand and spectacular Fashion show – artha 2019 – a Union of passionate minds, which took place in January @ Liberty Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Pune. The excitement in the air was highly evident as crowds arrived to witness this wonderful event which was indeed the highlight of a mega fashion show in Pune. It was a starry evening event which witnessed the presence of some of Bollywood’s fashion icons Like Costume Designer Chandrakant Sonawane, Costume Designer Manasi Attarde, critically acclaimed Director Rima Amrapurkar, Founder of A&I Forum Mr. Amit Danait, Creator of Sholay 3D Mr Hemant Shinde. The event also had on its red carpet personalities like Hon. Mayor Ms Mukta Tilak and Hon. MP from Pune Constituency Shri Anil Shirole to mention.

Times & Trends Academy provided a wonderful platform to present the exclusive collection over a Grand Stage, prominent celebrities, elegant models, Finest Designers and Jaw Dropping Garments. Inspired by today’s Fashion and Vision for tomorrow’s Vogue, TTA artha 2019 collection was cleaved into 10 sequences. Featuring more than 100 designers from various regions, the Fashion Show showcased the latest collection of garments, fashion accessories, fabrics and clothing accessories. Artha – a union of passionate minds this year stood for the radiant ladies who are empowering India each day. Inspired by the multifaceted Women, artha-2019 collection was a perfect blend of past, present, and future. Visually hypnotic, timeless and sophisticated elegance is what this collection offered. Each dress is absolutely unique, both with regard to the design and the fabric.

The runway witnessed polished Power Dressing in the sequence of mesmerizing London, to the Mahabharat inspired collection. In sync with the theme of Women Empowerment, a theme was dedicated to journey of a life described through tree. Aura of mystery was created by the Aghori collection with the smoky touch and terrific music to woo the audience. Promoting womanhood and gender equality, this collection also celebrates the creation of life through the mellow moods of nature. Artha 2019 will also display the Jewels of African land, Cambodian Royalty and the Persian Fashion aroma. The dresses exude solar radiance, feminine grace, and poise celebrating the silhouette of gender equality. Hence, each collection includes men’s wear with the power of telling a story never heard before. Star-studded artha 2018 concluded with a fantastic collection from Popular TV series Games of Thrones.

This year Times & Trends Academy also launched a Fashion Calendar 2019 from the hands of Bollywood’s Favorite Costume Designer Mr Chandrakant Sonawane. Mr Sonawane is also Chief Mentor for Fashion Domain in India’ Premium Vocational Training Academy Times & Trends Academy. During the event, Chandrakant Sonawane said, ‘Times & Trends Academy has been producing Costume Designers who have gained expertise to meet the creative & technical demands of the Bollywood Industry. I am glad to be associated with the Academy that is the future of Entertainment Industry. I am very happy to share that I have chosen TTA students for my next Project film Modi.’

TTA Founder & Chairman Mr Amit Agrawal said, ‘With each year, India is progressing towards new thinking and new parameters are welcomed in a day to day life. TTA always believes that Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Our Fashion Show was all about the showcasing each phase and celebrating life through the lens of past, present and future. Hence, we included jewellery of the past, our golden history, the trending power packed present and the forthcoming days of lives. At TTA, Each day is filled with new aspirations and a fresh step to achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life. This year Times & Trends Academy has also launched the Fashion Calendar for 2019 which is showcasing the best of our designer’s creativity and vision.’

Hon. Mayor Ms Mukta Tilak congratulated the organizers and the TTA Family for the successful event. Hon. Mayor emphasized that Academy’s like TTA is a perfect blend of the culture and the modernity offered to the students and Mr Amit Agrawal’s vision to promote vocational education and bridge the massive gap in the education system is commendable. Facilitating the Fashion Designers Hon. MP Shri Anil Shirole also congratulated complete management for the wonderful purpose that brought TTA into existence. Appreciating the creativity showcased by TTA Fashion Designers, Mr Shirole felicitated students with the achievement trophies for outstanding work in the Fashion Show. ‘Students of Times & Trends Academy are truly blessed with the Chairman like Amit Ji and the Management who work each day, each minute to provide students with the world-class education and exposure to the Industry Requirements’, said Mr Amit Danait Founder of A&I Forum. Mr Danait is also Chief Mentor for TTA’s Interior Design Domain.

Basic life support should be mandatory within the education system: Expert’s Advice

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital trains over 150 people in Basic Life Support through community connect program

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital organized a community connect program with five co-operative societies in its vicinity. The program was organized on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day, aiming to provide BLS (Basic Life Support) training, identifying the early symptoms of Stroke (paralysis) and awareness on organ donation. There were over 150 people attending this program. The BLS training involves learning CPR and basic first aid in cases of emergency.

CPR training facilities are limited in India as there is no defined CPR practice guideline that has been drafted in the Indian sub-continent. The hospital recognized the need for adequate training for CPR in case of emergency. According to experts, such training can be very helpful in a situation where the medical help is taking time to arrive and immediate attention is required. One challenge with saving people who have stopped breathing and do not have a pulse is that there is often a lag before bystanders take action. People could have been saved within time if there was a trained person at the event of an emergency.

Dr. Abdul Samad Ansari, Director – Critical Care Services, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, “BLS is the single most important survival skill for mankind and learning basic life support should be mandatory in high school and regular practice at graduation and post graduate level would ensure a high quality bystander CPR till medical help arrives.”

With people attending in good numbers and their interest in learning more about basic first aid, the hospital aims to continue giving back to society through the community connect program.

About Nanavati
Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is a tertiary care private hospital in the country which has been at the forefront of healthcare for the past 65 years. The 350-bedded facility, is being managed by Radiant Life Care Private Limited which aims at facilitating the ongoing pursuit of excellence at the Hospital by assisting and bringing-in not only the best clinical and non-clinical talent but also the ultra-modern equipment and technology enabling delivery of the highest standards of healthcare in our country.

The hospital is equipped with 55 speciality departments offering plethora of services in practically every field of modern medicine and healthcare. Well-equipped hospital rooms, state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologically advanced systems are all backed by the expertise of over 350 consultants, 100 resident doctors, 475 nursing staff and 1500 employees.

The hospital provides a wide spectrum of Super Speciality Services in the field of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Kidney Transplant, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Cancer, BMT, Cardiac and Surgical Gastroenterology, Liver Transplant, Orthopaedics including Spine Surgery, Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery and comprehensive Mother & Child Care.

तिरंगा सन्मान रॅलीने ;
कोथरूड परिसर दुमदुमून गेला

‘भारतमाता की जय’ ‘वंदे मातरम्’ अशा घोषणा देत प्रजासत्ताक दिनानिमित्त सुमारे ५०० हून अधिक युवकांनी काढलेल्या ‘तिरंगा सन्मान मोटर सायकल रॅली’मुळे सारा कोथरूड ,बाणेर , बालेवाडी पाषाण परिसर दुमदुमून गेला. तारका फौंडेशनचे अध्यक्ष युवा नेते आशिष कांटे यांच्या पुढाकाराने आणि नेतृत्वाखाली झालेल्या या रॅलीची सुरुवात कोथरूड येथे छत्रपती श्री शिवाजी महाराजांच्या पुतळ्यास पुष्पहार अर्पण करून झाली.सकाळी ११ ते सायंकाळी ५ अशा सलग सहा तास चाललेल्या या रॅली मध्ये आग्र भागी असणाऱ्या जीप मध्ये भारताचा मोठा तिरंगा ध्वज फडकत होता.
वाहतुकीला अडथला न येऊन देता ३-३च्या रांगेत मोटर सायकलवरून चाललेल्या या युवकांनी हातात तिरंगी झेंडे आणि विविध घोष वाक्यांचे फलक घेतले होते.’आपला परिसर स्वच्छ ठेवा’ ,’पर्यावरणाचे रक्षण करा’, ‘बेटी बचाव -बेटी पढाव’, ‘मुलगा होवो अथवा मुलगी पेढेच वाटा ‘,अशा प्रकारचे विविध सामाजिक संदेश देणारे फलक नागरिकांचे लक्ष वेधून घेत होते.
अतिशय शिस्तबद्ध रीतीने कोथरूड ,कर्वेनगर ,पौडरस्ता, चांदणी चौक ,पाषाण ,सुतारवाडी ,सोमेश्वरवाडी ,बाणेर आणि बालेवाडी अशी मार्गक्रमणा करीत पाषाण येथील श्री शिव छत्रपतींच्या पुतळ्यापाशी या विराट रॅलीचं समारोप झाला. ‘या प्रसंगी ‘देशाने आणि समाजाने माझ्यासाठी काय केले या ऐवजी मी देशासाठी आणि समाजासाठी काय केले हा विचार प्रत्येक तरुणाने केला पाहिजे ‘ असे सांगून या विराट रॅलीचे संयोजक आशिष कांटे यांनी तरुणांनी संघटीत व्हावे .आणि त्यातून निर्माण झालेल्या उर्जेतून समाजातील प्रश्न आणि मतदार संघातील विकासाचे प्रश्न सोडवण्यासाठी प्रयत्न करावेत असे आवाहन केले.
या प्रसंगी माजी नगर सेविका सौ सुषमाताई प्रमोद निम्हण , अशोक दळवी, निलेश सुतार , मयूर सुतार , समीर उत्तरकर ,अमित खाणेकर, संदीप कुंबरे , किशोर मारणे, तुकाराम जाधव , अमर भगत ,कुमार खळदकर ,अजिंक्य सुतार ,कुमार पाषाणकर आदि मान्यवर उपस्थित होते .

फोटो ओळ – कोथरूड ,कर्वेनगर ,पौडरस्ता, चांदणी चौक ,पाषाण ,सुतारवाडी ,सोमेश्वरवाडी ,बाणेर आणि बालेवाडी परिसरात ‘युवा नेते’ तारका फौंडेशनचे अध्यक्ष आशिष कांटे यांच्या पुढाकाराने व नेतृत्वाखाली झालेल्या विराट ‘ तिरंगा सन्मान मोटर सायकल रॅली’तील क्षणचित्रे .

रसिकांनी अनुभवली ;
स्वरातून परब्रम्हाची अनुभूती

.शास्त्रीय संगीतात गायन आणि लयकारीला अतिशय महत्व आहे.यांची अभ्यासपूर्ण प्रचीती नुकतीच आली ती जेष्ठ गायिका डॉ रेवा नातू यांच्या मैफलीत .कोथरूड येथील योगेश्वरी हॉल येथे झालेल्या ‘शास्त्रीय गायन मैफलीत’ डॉ रेवा नातू यांनी आपल्या सफाईदार आवाजातून सर्वांना जागीच खिळवून ठेवले.
प्रथम नातू यांनी राग सावनी मध्ये ‘देव देव सत संग’ हि १० मात्रांच्या झपतालातील बंदिश सादर केली त्यानंतर द्रुत तीनतालात ‘आयो शुभ दिन ’ही रचना सादर करून सर्वांना मंत्रमुग्ध केले.त्यानंतर गायनास अतिशय अवघड असा जयताश्री राग डॉ नातू यांनी सादर केला त्यात ‘जबसे पियू सुपने मै आये’ हा रूपक तालात सादर करून त्यानंतर द्रुत तीनतालात ‘बहुत दिन बिते’ सादर केले
त्यानंतर राग नायकी कानडा सादर करून त्यात ‘मेरो पिया रसिया’ हि रचना त्याला जोडून द्रुत तीनतालात ‘चली नार पिया के घर’ हि बंदिश सादर करून एक अतिशय आर्त वातावरण निर्मिती करून रसिकांना वेगळीच स्वरानुभूती दिली त्यानंतर ‘मां भैरवी भवतारिणी’ हि भैरवी सादर करून सर्वांना मंत्रमुग्ध केले. नातू यांना तबला साथ यश सोमण तर हार्मोनियम साथ सौमित्र क्षीरसागर अशी लाभली.कार्यक्रमास रसिकांनी मोठी गर्दी केली होती.

फोटो ओंळ – शास्त्रीय गायन मैफलीत डॉ रेवा नातू यश सोमण (तबला) सौमित्र क्षीरसागर (हार्मोनियम).

Get the taste of Garhwal at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan

: India is a land of rich culinary diversity. One of the most rarely explored cuisines is from the land of God, Uttarakhand and for the benefit of those living in other states, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan is hosting a Garhwali Food Festival with Chef Suresh at the helm of affairs.

Scheduled from 4th to 8th February 2019, this food festival offers the multitude of dishes from the Garhwali land that transports you to the hills of Uttarakhand.

The Garhwali food festival will feature an array of dishes such as Kandali ka Saag, Til ki Chutney, Bhunni, Manduaki Roti, Thechwani

Chef Suresh from Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan said- “India is a land of rich discoveries – be it customs or be it food. In a time like today’s, traditional cooking styles and authentic cuisines seem to be dwindling. Through this festival, we hope to rekindle the love for Garhwali culture and heritage.”

Being at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan and getting transported to Garhwal with the rustic spread laid out by Chef Suresh and his team will be an affair to remember.

Chef Name: Chef Suresh Singh Panwar

Designation: Demi Chef de Partie

When: Feb 4th- 8th, 2019

Where: MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan

Price: INR 1,150+ taxes per person.

Fairfield Marriott Kharadi proudly hosts the launch of Women’s Club Kharadi

· Women’s Club Kharadi (WCK) has emerged from the Women’s Welfare Association, Kharadi
· Discover the woman in you who creates possibilities for Social Reform
Pune, January: Fairfield by Marriott Pune Kharadi hosted the launch of Women’s Club Kharadi (WCK) by Women’s Welfare Association, Kharadi on Sunday, 20th January. Shri Jagdish Mulik, MLA was the guest of honour for the event. This ceremony was followed by dinner at Kava, Kava Bar in the hotels’ property. The association having known for creating a niche for women in the area of Kharadi will emphasize activities like interaction and connect meets ups for women entrepreneurs by the club. Based on the principle of “discover the woman in you who creates possibilities for social reform”, it intends to promote social virtues in the community by helping women achieve contentment by working on social causes.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurial women, who are close friends the club is driven for the cause of women. These belong to various fields which reflect in the objectives of the club. Anuradha Bhosale, the president is an MD Innova Plastics Pvt LTD, Rashmi Parmar, co-founder of Myvrin Life Science, believes in promoting health through good nutrition, Seema Tanwar, co-founder Kanvas kids chain of school, is the ambassador for promoting women education in the area. The founders believe that it is the beginning of initiatives for the empowerment of women in the area. The club identifies specific areas of areas of work including women safety, health – hygiene and nutrition, awareness about education, business and career meetups, etc.

Other dignitaries graced the occasion were Health and hygiene – Dr Krishna Mehta (Facility Director, Motherhood Maternity Hospital), Support and Counselling – Dr Laleh Busheri (CEO, PCCM), Education – Mrs. Alka Pandey (CEO Indo Scottish Global School), Business and entrepreneurship – Mrs Meeta Makhecha (CEO, Flour Works), Social networking – Mrs Sonia Konjetti (Founder of PULA) and Mrs. Manjusha Mulik, Mrs Maharashtra 2017.

Aamir Khan’s Rubaru Roshni: Unbelievable stories of forgiveness that leave a lasting impact
Helmed by Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal, Rubaru Roshni, produced by Aamir Khan, showcases three impactful tales of forgiveness. The documentary was aired in seven languages across the Star Network today.