The National Handloom Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of August to honor the handloom weavers across the country and also carter an momentum to India’s handloom industry. Indian handlooms have been like the backbone occupation of the country after Agriculture.

India has over 13 million handloom weavers and their work is inspired from natural substances derived from various regions.

Most of the Indian handloom weavers belong to rural sector of the society while their art and crafts travels internationally. Every individual has their own type of style in which they want to personify their life around; some collect stamps, while some collect painting or artifacts and antique pieces.

Handlooms have been recognized by the unique creativity and skill of the weaver, his comprehension of colour, texture and function, the weaver’s capacity for rapid adaptation and production of small yardage in a variety of designs.

Indian handloom designs takes its inspiration from nature and the products of various regions reflect the colors of the flora and fauna of that area and makes the uniqueness of handloom products which attracting the costumers to buy it.

India, being a country with solid culture encompasses different categories of handlooms products like cushion covers, bed sheets, shawls, household articles etc.

Khazir Sons; they opened their gates 138 years ago and have been a pioneer in the Persian luxury handicrafts industry in Indian markets.

This esteemed brand specializes in Kashmiri handicrafts whilst giving us a glimpse into the traditional culture and handloom skills established in valleys of Kashmir.

This brand is not only imperialistic but also evolved the economy of Kashmir by employing them for their intricate creative cultural handloom weaving skills.

Khazir focuses exclusively on Persian and Mughal style products which define their legacy in the prestigious handloom sector in the country; their vast range of handcrafted things are prepared from premium quality papiermâchés , walnut wood, sumptuous metal antiques etc.

While their exclusive collections include handlooms like coasters, candle stands vases, sculpted animals, ornaments trunk, animal figures, luxurious jewel embossed carpets and a lot more. Khazir is an luxurious dazzling souvenir collectives for anyone to gift.

The anthology is created and designed by local Kashmiri dwellers and small scale artists who justify the beauty in their handlooms proving them the rich and cultural root touch we desire.

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