Westend Tiger Trail’ – A Tiger Photography Contest and Exhibition Organised On The Occasion of International Tigers Day

: On the occasion of International Tigers Day, Westend Mall, Aundh, Pune, had organised a two-day event titled the ‘Westend Tiger Trail‘ on 28th and 29th July 2018 as part of its third Annual series in Pune. The main objective  was to Promote  Wildlife & Tiger conservation Awareness In India, Promote Tiger Tourism, Support and Save the TigersCampaign, Financially support organisations that are working towards the welfare of Tigers in India and Conserve the Specie.

Current Mrs India, Queen of Substance, Mrs Shivani Naik Shah had come to Pune to inaugurate the same.
The program organised over the span of two days consisted of  Tiger Photography Contest and Exhibition. Exclusive Tiger pictures clicked by amateurs/ professionals from across India were invited to participate in the contest. The winners of the same were awarded with certificates and prizes. Pictures clicked by ace photographers were exhibited and sold during the exhibition and the proceedings of the same were donated to The Guard Book.
This  was a very good initiative to save the extinct species of tigers  as well as help children learn of their utilities. They also got an opportunity to flaunt their drawing talents by taking part in the contest. They  said that  they were very happy to have come for  the program as they  learnt many new things about tigers.
The  event was a great success where  the enthusiasts  flaunted away their  talents for a cause of  #SAVETHETIGER!

Photo Caption –

1) Current Mrs India, Queen of Substance, Mrs Shivani Naik Shah was present at the event


2) School kids participate and flaunt their drawing talent as the contest is open for them as well

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