Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

In India, dance or anything related to performing arts is not seen as a viable career option. It is only pursued as a side project and a “cultural” activity during childhood. Parents are of the mindset that dance does not have the potential to be a serious profession. Hence children are discouraged from pursuing it. Looking at this scenario, Attakkalari was founded to demystify the art form, making dance accessible to all sections of society.

For Example: Virendra Nishad, a budding dancer from Pune has found his calling at Attakkalari and learning how to dance. Hindrance on financial side could not hold him back from pursuing his passion, as he got scholarship from Attakkalari where he got a chance to fulfil his dream. Armed with technical knowledge and increased awareness to working in groups with so many talented people this platform helped him to evolve as a good dancer and a better performer.Attakkalari’s aim is to spread the reach of performance arts and to make dance a viable career option for young people. They work to empower young artists by giving them the necessary tools and training that will enable them to create fresh physical expressions related to their experiences, memories and thoughts. The company’s dance productions articulate human dilemmas and socially relevant ideas through a contemporary performance idiom.

Attakkalari conducting Open Workshop and Auditions for their  two year diploma program for movement arts (dance, kalaripyattu, lighting & stage technology) at Pune on Saturday July 28th, 2018, 4 PM to 6 PM, Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts will be representing Attakkalari. As part of the Diploma Program, students get to learn about professional stage craft, lighting (technical experts who manage the shows in the country have learnt it on the go. But through this program, students will get to learn these techniques from the world’s leading authorities from Germany, Austria, London and New York as they often take special courses), the different movement arts and how to bring their own creativity to the fore. Through the Diploma Program, Attakkalari aims to set a benchmark of excellence and standard here in India, one that will further showcase the inherent talent and beauty of Indian movement arts.




What: The National Diploma Programme in Movement Arts and Mixed Media – Auditions: Pune

Where: Dance oceans, S-03, 2nd floor, Sunshree Woods Commercial Complex, Near Rims International School, NIBM Road, Pune

When: Saturday, July 28, 2018, 4 PM to 6 PM

Who:  Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

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