Media Briefing!!!

Shobhatai Dhariwal President & Milind Phadey Working President- Sakal Jain Varshayog, Samiti to address Media at 11.30am- Pune Patrakar Bhawan- Ganjave Chowkh.

They will breuf the press on the oncoming Chatutmas preparation and Shobha Yayra details and various programs lined up for the Chaturmas planned for Jain spiritual guru Shri Param Pujya 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj ji.

It is happening in Pune City.
This current year.

Lakhs of Jain devotees are expected to arrive on Pune on this occassion.

Shobha Yatra, Pravachan, Satsang, Pravachan, Darshan and Djaram Jagran will be part of the Chaturmas .

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