: A 24 years old seasoned Non-Profit organization, Lila Poonawalla Foundation is sharpening it’s mission of ‘Women Empowerment through merit-cum-need based Scholarships and Employability’.  Priti Khare has joined Lila Poonawalla Foundation in the role of the Chief Executive Officer.


Priti will work besides Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla in ensuring sustainability and growth of the foundation. She will continue enabling a deeper impact for academically promising and financially deserving girls through strong programs and partnerships.


Priti is a dynamic and young leader with around 19 years of leadership experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Sales and Consulting. With a wealth of experience across different sectors, she has always recognized the importance of purpose driven focused operations, partnerships and sustained and systemic outcome.


In her previous organization, Priti lead Corporate Social Responsibility, which enabled significant positive outcomes for thousands of deserving, less privileged lives through Non Profit partnerships & Employee Volunteering in the Education, Employability and Women Empowerment space. She has also mentored many non-profit organizations. 


In her own words, Priti says, “During this stint, I have developed a strong inclination towards transitioning into the development sector to contribute to a meaningful social action. Joining Lila Poonawalla Foundation was an obvious choice for me, as I could relate to it’s purpose and mission very well.”


Padma Shri Mrs. Lila Poonawalla, Chairperson and Founder of Lila Poonawalla Foundation said, “We are delighted that Priti has been appointed as the CEO of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. She will lead the organization at a very interesting time as we step into our 25th year of operations in 2020. She reflects equal passion for contributing towards empowerment of women through collaborating with diverse group of people. I am sure that the organization will continue to grow and develop under her leadership.”


Priti holds a management degree in Human Resources from Mumbai University; she is a certified Coach, a marathoner, a trekker and an explorer.

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