20 phenomenal women honoured on Women’s Day at Punyadham Ashram

20 phenomenal women from different walks of life … all in their own capacities having contributed to society and who pursued the path of doing good, were honoured at Punyadham Ashram on 8th March 2019 on International Women’s Day.

The Chief Guest of the event was Vinita Deshmukh, former senior journalist of Indian Express, an RTI & women’s activist and a famous author. Guests of Honour – Arti Ghule, President of Maharashtra Mahila Sangh & Shalini Nandwani & Special Guest Anuradha Ulhasdada Pawar graced the event.

20 phenomenal women – teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, women in field of banking, beauty, fashion designing, social work, culinary skills and more were felicitated for their indomitable resilience and spirit towards bringing about a change in lives of others, were honoured at the hands of the guests and Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram.

The morning became even more special when Nandatai Lonkar, the Nagarsewika from Kondhwa came with the ex-Mayor Smt Rajalaxmi Bhosle and other nagarsewikas from the vicinity.

Smt. Rajalaxmi Bhosale expressed her happiness on coming to Punyadham and said that she felt so much peace & contentment after Maa’s embrace and this was one of the best women’s day celebrations she has ever attended.

The women honoured were :
Zia Nagani
Bhagyashri Ankalkote Patil
Dr Puja Upasani
Dr Krishna Bhatt
Sajiri Utturkar
Shehnaz Chawla
Archana Kumari
Kalpana Chatterjee
Nutan Marathe
Shilwati Page
Utkarsha Keni
Roopam Chopra
Mohini Anand
Indu Grover
Dr Ranjana Powar
Vaishali Deokar
Nirmala Maheshwari
Saroj Gupta
Meenu Mirchandani
Anuradha Ulhasdada Pawar

It was time for the ladies to share their thoughts and ideas on women empowerment and how they could bring about a change in our future generations, whether it is imbibing in them good values of kindness & gratitude, awareness towards waste disposal and our fragile environment, issues affecting our working women and women from backward society and so on.

Vinita Deshmukh brought out many aspects of womanhood and said that she is happy that India is very fast becoming a nation where our women are becoming well educated and aware of their rights but there is a lot to be done to spread it to small remote areas of our vast country.

Vinita emphasized that education and awareness can help women understand their rights.

Arti Ghule brought out how every day she comes across women from diverse backgrounds with problems that need attention at various levels.

She said that a lot of work needs to be done but at the same time she is positive that there are already so many organizations working towards this cause.

Maa shared her own story as to how she faced huge challenges and how she took it upon herself to face them.

Maa did not allow loneliness and grief to bring her down but instead set goals for herself which brought new people into her lives and became her family.

She said that she prays every morning to God that we should teach our children to love & respect our elders so that there is never a need for a Senior Citizens’ Homes anywhere and that such homes should welcome only those who are left with no one to care and support. We need to teach our young generation these values. She emphasized how each one of us has tremendous inner strength and we should channelize it for the betterment of ourselves first, then our family, the society and in turn our nation.

In the end, the Master of Ceremonies- Amita Baindur who with keeping the humour intact, skillfully anchored the whole program, thanked each one for coming together and celebrating ‘Being a Woman’.


20 phenomenal women were honoured on Women’s Day at Punyadham Ashram, on 8th March 2019.

Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram felicitates Shalini Nandwani, as Chief Guest Vinita Deshmukh looks on.

Chief Guest Vinita Deshmukh felicitates Krishna Bhatt.

Maa Krishna Kashyap, Chairperson, Punyadham Ashram felicitates Mohini Anand.

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