On the occasion of Women’s Day, Madhavbaug launches ‘Madhavbaug Hriday Sangini’ health movement in Pune

: In order to check the rampant growth of heart diseases among women, the ‘Madhavbaug Hriday Sangini’ health movement was launched in Pune recently. Well known theatre and film artist as well as writer Sonali Kulkarni inaugurated the initiative, of which she is also the brand ambassador.

Dr. Rohit Sane, founder and CEO of Madhavbaug welcomed everyone for the launch of this health movement on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. Sonali Kulkarni formally launched the logo of the movement as well as the ‘Hriday Sangini Heart Health Meter’ mobile app. Speaking at the occasion, Sonali Kulkarni expressed her happiness to be connected to the Madhavbaug family. Madhavbaug aims to provide heart health check up and health guidance to one lakh women in the coming one year through this movement. Sonali said that she would also participate in this program herself. Selected women patients who have successfully overcome heart diseases were felicitated on the occasion along with the women doctors who guided them in it and the women panchkarma therapists.

Following are the excerpts of the speech by Sonali Kulkarni, delivered in this function –

“I had heard about Madhavbaug in various contexts till now. When I received their proposal to become the brand ambassador of this initiative on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I was surprised to be honest. Often we find that when we wish to do something, the circumstances inexplicably lead us in that particular direction. When the Madhavbaug representatives explained to me their dream about this initiative, they were so passionate that I decided to visit Madhavbaug myself first before taking up this cause. When perfectly normal and happy people around us suddenly have some heart incidence, we are shocked. Dr. Rohit has explained this so well. What’s our lifestyle beyond the moment of heart attack? How were we living before it happened and how do we wish to live to face tomorrow? All these things are very important medically. Of course this includes our mental health as well. We must be happy and we must feel contented, there’s no doubt about it because only then our body can remain happy. As I understood the whole concept of Madhavbaug, I realized that it’s not like I rush in here after getting a heart disease, tell these people to do a check up, tell them to cure me and send me home, expecting them to own the entire responsibility here onwards. Here, the concept is we need to take care of our heart and we need to do that even when there’s no reason to do it. And then, if and when the need arises, they would come to help us. This is a very interesting and important concept indeed. The very term Hriday Sangini combines two great words. I see a lot of Sanginis or companions here. We all ought to come together. Madhavbaug has decided to bring all these friends together ‘Heart to heart’ this year.

We must respond to it and participate in it in large numbers.

We have been hearing for years that when the woman of the family gets educated, her entire family gets educated. We are going to try and reach out to exactly that woman of the family and tell her how it’s the first and foremost thing to take care of one’s health.

I am really happy that I am getting associated with the Madhavbaug family. Dr. Rohit, I assure you that you are going to reach not one lakh but one lakh one women and that extra one is me. I like to take interest in every small, little thing in my house.

Be it setting the curd at night or seeing to it that there are sprouts and green vegetables cooked at home at least twice a week.

I am quite particular about it. I like to participate in planning our weekly menu and I do it by involving the other members of my family.

I am sure I’m not alone in this. All these women present here like to do the same by choice and in some cases even by compulsion. However, in the process, if we women ignore our own health I’m sure every day we will wake up in the morning feeling we are doing favors to others in the family and the day would end feeling, ‘I’m doing so much for these people and they just do not value it.’ Inevitably, we would go to bed sulking and probably crying.

I feel the tears in our eyes are very valuable. We may be able to get anything else that money can buy but the tears in our eyes are so invaluable, we must not waste them. If we value our tears the family will do it too. Let’s remember ‘My mission is a healthy heart. My family, my heart.’

Photo Captions-
1. Sonali Kulkarni formally launched the logo of the movement as well as the ‘Hriday Sangini Heart Health Meter’ mobile app
2. Felicitation of all the brave ladies who fought heart diseases and now are totally healthy

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