Cadaver donor saved 5 lives at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Husband of 40 year old Santoshi Ranvir Ghogaliya decided to donate her organs after her demise on the 28th of February, 2019.

She had suffered a catastrophic ischemic stroke of the brain which finally lead to Brain Death despite maximal Neuro critical care.

The process took place at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Abdul Ansari, DIRECTOR – Critical Care Services at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Distribution was done as per ZTCC guidelines.

The organs were allocated in the following hospitals:

• Heart allocated to Fortis Hospital Mulund

• Liver allocated to a patient in our hospital

• Lung allocated to Apollo hospital Chennai. (Through ROTTO NOTTO)

• One Kidney donated to Jaslok and 2nd Kidney to Global Hospital.

“The case demonstrates the importance of organ donation in saving lives.

Timely decision-making and consent of the patient and family for organ donation plays a critical role.

The great gesture by Mrs. Santoshi’s husband will help save at least 5 different lives.” Dr. Abdul Ansari, DIRECTOR – Critical Care Services at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital.

India is still far behind the global index—there is less than one donor, for every million citizens.

The increase in organ donations can be recognized through various factors, the most significant being amplified awareness about organ donation, among the young, which in turn, results in them teaching their families about its advantages.

An organ donation could potentially save a life. It is important that we look beyond ourselves, and pledge to help our fellow humans who might need it.

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