17 times awarded producer/writer Abhishek Chandra adds another feather to his multi-talented cap. He has Produced, Written and Directed LA based Indian Rapper Sapra’s first musical film that has instantly become a rage in US, India, Canada and UK. The track titled “IshqNashila” shows how love can conquer all. Laden with stunning visuals and grand performance pieces, the film shows how Love can trump drugs in a very heartfelt, intimate and entertaining way. Today, where every other song romanticizes drugs and booze, Abhishek’s take on this subject is a refreshing change. “We are not passing any judgement on people who use Marijuana or other kinds of drugs; we are merely showing that Love can be a powerful drug in itself. If you have love, you don’t need anything else” concludes Abhishek. His next Coco previously titled Fairy Tale is another passionate love story shot extensively in the picturesque locales of Mammoth and Los Angeles. “I’m really excited for Coco; Sapraco-produced these with me and we always believe in creating content that is different and caters to people of all ages while keeping the entertainment quotient high. And Coco does exactly that. Like “IshqNashila”, Coco also has a narrative woven into the music with powerful performances.” He further adds, “Audiences are going to love what we are bringing to the world of musical films. Music videos are my first love. Writing and producing this filmswithSapra is very gratifying. And this collaboration is just beginning. We have two more songs to go after Coco”. Well, given the fact that the first one has garnered so much love, we sincerely await this talented Producer’s future ventures. Sapra’s “IshqNashila” is Produced, Written and Directed by Abhishek Chandra and the music is composed by Sharad Tripathi and Prince Sahab and is released by Speed Records.

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