Historical Shahid Swabhiman Yatra reaches Pune

Shahid Swabhiman Yatra travels through 29 states, 15,000 kms and 90 days

Pune, Wednesday 11 April, 2018: To pay tribute to our Martyrs and brave soldiers the Shahid Swabhiman Yatra started a March in honour of them and to fight for their rights from India Gate, New Delhi. The March has reached Pune after going through many states. Major General Ashok Nerula gave the March the “Green Flag”. This March has been organized by the Swabhiman Desh Organization.

The march begun from New Delhi and will travel across the length and breadth of India, travelling across 15000 kms in ninety days passing 29 States of India.

Founder President Surendrasingh Bidhudi is spearheading this march which will end their March after 90 days of a long journey across India.

After crossing Delhi, Jaipur, Chittorgadh, Udaipur, Rajasthan, Ahmedabad, Ujjain, Bhopal, Indore, Nashik and Mumbai, the march has reached Pune. The Swabhiman Yatra reached Pune via Khed after paying their respects and taking blessings at the house of Rajguru at Hutatma Rajguru Smarak Rajguruwada, Khed.

The March is supported by the Indian Army and the travelers stay at Army camps across India.

It is our goal to build a statue of Shahid-E-Azam Veer Bhagatsingh by collecting the Holy Soil from each State to use it in the making of the statue said Bidhurai during the Press Conference. It is not just the statue which showcases his great sacrifice but apart from that they will be reach out to the youth and give them the preaching of Independence and his sacrifices on the way across India.

Bidhurai also said, we should respect the Martyrs who lost their lives fighting for our country’s safety and Independence, be it the Army or the Paramilitary forces or the BSF jawans or the Police officers, all of them who ensure we are safe as citizens. It is because of them, that we live a safe, independent free life and can sleep in our homes peacefully.

Thus, it is our responsibility to ensure their families get enough support and children education and help once they are no more. After all we cannot forget the great service they have rendered to our nation and have laid down their lives in the line of duty, the President said.

It is also very important that the current generation, the youth, value their Independence and understand how it has been achieved. he added. He also appealed to the citizens to make this journey successful and render their support in the March.

We have demanded the government to make the salaries tax-free. To set up an independent commission for Martyrs and take care of their families and children once they are no more.we also feel that the Government should make a ‘Swabhiman Card’ for the martyr’s families which will ensure to give the services like education, health, employment immediately. We have also demanded to plan on increasing the employment opportunities for them after retirements.

Photo Captions:

Shahid Swabhiman Yatra’s Founder President Surendrasingh Bidhudi speaking to the media during the Press Conference in Pune

Road picture with India Flag- Shahid Swabhiman Yatra’s Founder President Surendrasingh Bidhudi [Standing 4th from left] who is spearheading the All India March with his TEAM in Pune.

Group picture at the Press club with the bus

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