Mythical Masalas – Reviving the lost wonders of Indian Cuisine at the Hyatt Pune!

2) Boti ni Akuri- Parsi Community
(Persian version of egg bhurji with lamb boti


March 14, 2018: The mouth-watering delicacies from Indian cuisine are heavily laced with history and we Indians have a deep association with the kitchen, which sort of make experiences with food nothing short of valued inheritances. However, many recipes were lost over time due to various reasons. Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar; known to curate exciting food festivals, brings to you, an interesting and intriguing dining experience as we celebrate some of these lost recipes and hope to give you an insight into the glorious past of the majestic kitchens of India and travel back in time for a gastronomical experience like never before.

The kitchen of Eighty Eight is in a frenzy of sorts with the excitement this festival has bought in. Chef Suvendu Roy – Head Chef at Hyatt Pune has toiled very hard to bring back some of these lost culinary treasures after a lot of research at the ongoing food festival called “Mythical Masalas” starting 10th March, 2018 – 20thMarch, 2018. For the festival, the chef along with his talented team have recreated some of the long lost wonders of Indian Cuisine from all parts of the country starting from the coastal line of Kanyakumari to the eastern mountain ranges of Arunanchal Pradesh and from the city of Joy – Kolkata.

Speaking about the festival, Chef Roy was quoted as saying, “India has a rich cultural heritage where food has played an important role. One of the bright spots of India’s colonial legacy is food. Grandmas will pass on a chutney recipe to you with the same intensity as someone passing on a princess cut diamond ring handed down through generations! We wanted authentic dishes for our patrons and thus we have on-board for this festival, the powerhouses that rules our kitchens – Mothers of some our chefs who could spare sometime and visit us and impart to us their expertise and knowledge about the food that they have grown up with. Under their able guidance, we have attempted to resurrect these dishes in a very special menu available for our Dinner Buffets at Eighty Eight. Our #MythicalMasalas food festival celebrates the way things were – when grains were locally sourced and ground by hand for layered, flaky rotis… when mutton wasn’t tender enough to plate until it had sizzled on the spit for a day and a night.”

What makes this food festival unique and special? Two flavoursome recipes will be showcased on a separate section of the buffet counter at Eighty Eight every day. The food-experts on-board will be invited to come to the kitchen and prepare dishes with the assistance of the hotel team. The exciting part is that some of the sapid and heavenly dishes which would get best response from the guests will get a place in the actual Eighty Eight a la carte menu. Expect the unexpected at this festival with dishes like Boti ni Akuri (Parsi Dish), Chicken Kori Rotti (Mangalorean Chicken Curry) and Harive Soppu Bendi (Karnataka) to name a few.
It’s time to travel on a plate with the Mythical Masalas this March at Hyatt Pune.

Date: March 10 – 20, 2018
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Venue: Eighty Eight at Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar
Contact: 8806751234

Abha Surwade
ReachOut PR

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