Rohan More set new Record in sea swimming.

On Feb 9, 2018. Rohan swam across the cook Strait between North and South Island of New Zealand in 8hrs 37min.
With this swim in his record book, he became the first Asian as well as first Indian person to swim across the Ocean Seven challenges. And 9th person in the world to complete it. Rohan is the Youngest person in the world to swim across Ocean Seven.

After waiting for long time due to bad weather conditions, Rohan finally got chance to swim on 9th Feb. He started to swim in morning 9.30am from North Island. For the first 5hrs water was very calm and water temperature around 19c
But as he progressed towards the south island, water temperature dropped suddenly by 4c due to the currents from antarctic water. He started to shiver with due to this sudden change in water temperature. But he fought bravely against cold water and strong antarctic currents and finished the swim in 8hr 37min.

In past achievements, Rohan completed his first marathon swim at the age of 11, completed the Triple Crown almost twenty years later, in less than 11 months and continues to set an accomplish marathon goals. Many of his swims are first ever for a swimmer from India and/or Asia. In 1996 he crossed ‘Dharamtar to Gateway of India Channel (35 km/ 22 miles) in 7 hours and 29 minutes. The youngest ever swimmer at age 11. Rohan completed six of the Oceans Seven swims between 2014 and 2016: English Channel 13 hours and 23 minutes, North Channel 12 hours and 43 minutes, Catalina Channel 10 hours and 17 minutes, Molokai Channel 17 hours and 28 minutes, Tsugaru Strait 10 hours and 37 minutes and Gibraltar Strait 3 hours and 56 minutes. The Cook Strait is next. The Manhattan swim in 7 hours and 43 minutes completed his triple crown. Rohan is a national figure in Indian swimming and received the Tenzing Norgay Award from the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The award, also known as the National Adventure Award, was presented by President Ram Nath Kovind.

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