Welcome the digital technology and produce better work, says Nihalani

The 17th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) 2019 began their PIFF forum with an open interview with film-maker Govind Nihalani and actress Rohini Hattangadi in conversation with Dr Jabbar Patel, festival director and Ravi Gupta, festival secretary. Incidentally, both were part of Richard Attenborough’s Oscar Award winner film Gandhi.

The theme of this year’s film festival is about celebrating 150 years birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Nihalani said, “It is important to be aware of cinema culture and even more so now with the film going digital.

It has become easy and simple with technology offering us so much, in terms of medium of image, projections etc.”

He agreed that celluloid is no more, but one has to accept the change and make better and qualitative work.

“Quality of digital imaging is changing at a rapid space and it is a new way of creating image and special effects which never existed earlier.

We are going to be challenged further more by technology so the best thing will be to create or perish,” he said.

The film-maker also pointed out the opportunity to play with technology.

“I was trained as a cinematographer in Bengaluru, but through the course we learned everything else too — sound, editing and direction.

Thus, even when I think of a film, I also think of the visual of the film.

So, I can look at a project as a film-maker and cinematographer.”

Nihalani was influenced a lot by playwright Vijay Tendulkar who wrote several of his scripts like Aakrosh and Ardh Satya.

“I would like to call Tendulkar’s writings seminal, working with him was always a collaboration.

It was never like he lectured and I listened.

If one follows his methodology, you will learn more in life than ever.

With his script, I have looked at cinema as director or built up a scene or character and have learnt from him throughout.

Tendulkar has tremendous depth as a writer.”

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