Pune’s ‘Aishwarya Shende’ won ‘the Most Intellectual Woman 2017’ award at the recently concluded National level beauty pageant called Mrs. India Galaxy 2017.
This contest was held at Trivoli Garden Resort at New Delhi, organized by Vibrant Concepts which was intended to raise awareness of violence against women. Only 40 finalists were chosen amongst more than 4000 talented females all over India, out of which Aishwarya was declared as the Most Intellectual Woman. This result was based on not only 1 question but the questionnaire of 21 unique questions. One of which asked was ‘what do you prefer, being liked or being respected? And why?’ Aishwarya answered immediately, ‘I would like to be respected than being liked! Liking might be temporary however respect comes from the heart! Not all liked are respected however most of the people when respected are first liked and then people develop respect for them. The self-respect in me makes me believe that I should be respected for my existence as a human being, my work as a professional and my contribution as a responsible citizen of India! I am not really inclined towards thousands of people liking me, however just a few respecting me from the bottom of their hearts is enough for me to believe that I made some substantial contribution to those few lives in society, city, state, country or world!’

This again shows that Pune is indeed the Oxford of the East that graduates Intellectual women like her!

Aishwarya belongs to the family of lawyers and also married into a family which consists of lawyers, artists, singers and surgeons. She completed her law graduation in 2013. Thereafter she worked in the field of corporate laws, consumer protection laws and Taxation laws. She is also an Actor and a Kuchipudi Dancer by passion. Also Aishwarya is a trained Kuchipudi dancer who performed at the International Kuchipudi Dance Convention held at Hyderabad which entered the Guinness Book of world record in 2016. She is also associated with NGOs in Pune that work for the betterment of underprivileged and orphans.

When asked importance of Art in her life, she says, “Art has always kept me going, breathing, exploring and growing. My habit to multi task since young age helped me manage things with ease even today. No doubt it’s challenging to manage multiple things at the same time i.e. personal life, professional life, passion and social life however I find it fun and exhilarating as each thing I do teaches me something as a lawyer, as an actor and as a human being. The experiences enrich me as a human being and the outcome of my performance on professional front, personal front or social front is mind-blowing giving me immense satisfaction at the end of the day and pushing me to be more responsible and driven to achieve further.”
This shows that Pune doesn’t only have intellectual people but equally talented at the same time!

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