Author Felicitated by Nirali Prakashan as Young Author 2018

: Author, Dr. Mohammed Bawaji today officially launched his Book titled “Strategic Human Resource Management” at the hands of
Mr. Abdeali Bhanpurawala, Trustee SBUT of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in the presence of Dr. Adya Sharma, Director – Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies at their campus in Vimannagar. Also present at the occasion was Mr Shabbir Bawaji, father of the author and his brother Burhanuddin Bawaji who are the constant support and encouragement to the author.

The function began with an introduction of the Author who runs a very successful HR company called as CPHR Services since the last 12 years and has recently started another vertical for career consulting for students to take informed decisions in choosing their career paths.

This book is aimed towards students who would be pursuing their MBA and specializing in HR and would be like a ready reckoner for them. Another feather in the cap for Dr. Mohammed Bawaji is that he was felicitated on behalf of Nirali Prakashan as the “Young Author” in this category for the year 2018″ which is a big feat.

The Author shared his journey about his life and how his Spiritual head, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb RA and His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb, guided him and asked him to get into the field of Human Resources and writing. A special mention and a note of appreciation to three special young co-authors who helped Dr. Mohammed Bawaji in his journey of writing this book are Zainab Battiwala, Anuradha Kamble and Shikha Das.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Abdeali Bhanpurawala, who also happens to be his mentor was extremely happy that at such a young age he has achieved so many feats
and wished him all the success and laurels in the years to come.

The Author while addressing the media shared his views on how HR is very important in the workplaces, he quoted “HR can contribute greatly to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives” He also said, when technology is taking over almost everywhere and many people say AI is transforming HR department he quoted “ I strongly believe in the field of Human Resources, human are not replaceable by computers, machines or even artificial intelligence, but they use AI as a tool to increase efficiency of work.” He has also written about HRIT in his book.

Mentor of the Author, Mr. Abdeali Bhanpurawala answering a question on mentoring quoted “ I have seen him growing up all these years, I have seen his struggles and his passion about HR and writing, I only told him one thing “ Do something that you like, let people approach you” which I believe has helped him. My best wishes for his future and I ensure I will be right here for him whenever he needs me”

Westend Tiger Trail’ – A Tiger Photography Contest and Exhibition Organised On The Occasion of International Tigers Day

: On the occasion of International Tigers Day, Westend Mall, Aundh, Pune, had organised a two-day event titled the ‘Westend Tiger Trail‘ on 28th and 29th July 2018 as part of its third Annual series in Pune. The main objective  was to Promote  Wildlife & Tiger conservation Awareness In India, Promote Tiger Tourism, Support and Save the TigersCampaign, Financially support organisations that are working towards the welfare of Tigers in India and Conserve the Specie.

Current Mrs India, Queen of Substance, Mrs Shivani Naik Shah had come to Pune to inaugurate the same.
The program organised over the span of two days consisted of  Tiger Photography Contest and Exhibition. Exclusive Tiger pictures clicked by amateurs/ professionals from across India were invited to participate in the contest. The winners of the same were awarded with certificates and prizes. Pictures clicked by ace photographers were exhibited and sold during the exhibition and the proceedings of the same were donated to The Guard Book.
This  was a very good initiative to save the extinct species of tigers  as well as help children learn of their utilities. They also got an opportunity to flaunt their drawing talents by taking part in the contest. They  said that  they were very happy to have come for  the program as they  learnt many new things about tigers.
The  event was a great success where  the enthusiasts  flaunted away their  talents for a cause of  #SAVETHETIGER!

Photo Caption –

1) Current Mrs India, Queen of Substance, Mrs Shivani Naik Shah was present at the event


2) School kids participate and flaunt their drawing talent as the contest is open for them as well

Mobike brings dockless bike sharing to Pune based MIT-World Peace University (WPU)


Mobike brings dockless bike sharing to Pune based MIT-World Peace University (WPU)

▪ After tremendous success in Pune City, Mobike cycles into its first campus location in India: MIT-World Peace University, Pune to make connectivity & mobility around the 70+ acres campus easy, healthy and fun

▪ Nearly 3,000 students and faculty to benefit from Mobike’s presence on campus

India, Pune, July 30th, 2018: Mobike, the world’s first and a global leader in bike sharing, today launched its dockless bike sharing service at MIT- World Peace University in Pune. Starting today, 100 plus Mobike bikes in their signature bright orange color will be available to nearly 3000 students and faculty to use for on-demand, local trips around the 70 +acres campus. This is the largest campus roll out of its kind in Pune.

MIT- WPU also becomes the first educational campus in India to join the ranks of prestigious institutes globally where Mobike has launched operations. Across the markets of North America, Europe, and APAC, Mobike has launched operations at premier institutions catering to the local mobility needs of students and faculty. Mobike caters to riders across 19 countries in over 200+ cities globally including institutions like Kasetsart University in Thailand, Davidson University in the US, Israel’s largest university – Tel Aviv University besides others. Mobike has been widely adopted by these universities and has quickly become the most preferred way to get around.

Mobike’s launch on the campus is a result of a strong student and administration push to bring next-generation bike sharing to the university campus’. MIT WPU has been ranked as a leading engineering institution in not just Maharashtra but in the Asia Pacific and one of the top private engineering colleges in India while MIT- WPU is a leading center for scientific, educational, technological and spiritual development of students. MIT WPU is the benchmark of promoting sustainable living across educational institutions with its widespread green cover. The campus also houses advanced health and fitness facilities. Mobike’s launch complements the university’s ethos of a healthy and sustainable living.

Today’s announcement furthers Mobike’s expansion plans for Pune. Launching in Kothrud in May this year, Mobike has expanded rapidly to Fergusson College Road, Junglee Maharaj Road, Law College Road within 2 months, and today introduces its service on the MIT-WPU campus, making it the most visible/widely available bike sharing player in Pune city.

Mobike brings to MIT-WPU campus it’s ergonomic, state of the art and technology-enabled bikes that will make connectivity & mobility in and around the campus easy, healthy and fun. The bikes will be located strategically – outside hostels, college, recreational areas, cafeterias and all over the campus to ensure that riders can easily locate one on demand.

Keeping the convenience of students and ensure maximum participation Mobike has ensured that the riders will be able to pay digitally on the Mobike App using multiple payment options [Wallets, Net Banking, Credit Card, and UPI]. Further based on user demand Mobike will introduce it’s attractive monthly pass pricing of INR 99 that allows a rider up to 2 hours of ride per day in the campus.

“We’re thrilled to have a premier Institution like MIT WPU among our partners, an institution that has been a torch bearer in adopting and promoting initiatives that bring social change. By making Mobike available across the MIT WPU campus, we aim to provide a safe, accessible and affordable and eco-friendly mobility option to students, professors and staff of the Institution. We would like to thank Mr Rahul Karad, Executive President of MIT WPU, the Registrar and students of the institution and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for supporting our joint vision of making Pune a model cycling city. ”, said Vibhor Jain, CEO of Mobike India.

Mr Rahul Karad, Executive President of MIT WORLD PEACE UNIVERSITY, said “We are extremely excited to welcome Mobike on our Kothrud campus which brings to our students and faculty a world class urban mobility solution. Welcoming Mobike on campus is a true testament of our focus on promoting sustainability and helps us to further our core values of raising socially aware citizens of tomorrow.”

Raghav Chaddha, Student President, MIT-WPU, said “We look forward to having Mobike in our campus. It’s a matter of great joy that Mobike is launching at MIT-WPU which gives access to thousands of students an affordable way to get around in a trendsetting manner.”

Mobike has signed an MOU with Pune Municipal Corporation, in support of the municipality’s ambitious ‘Pune Cycle Plan’ that aims to allocate resources, undertake projects and evaluate the outcomes towards achieving the goals set for improving cycling in Pune. The plan emphasizes on promoting cycling culture and expanding its dedicated cycling track to over 700+ km of in the next 3 years.

About Mobike

Mobike is the world’s first and largest smart bike sharing company. Its mission is to bring more bikes to more cities, using its innovative technology to make cycling the most convenient and environmentally-friendly transport choice for urban residents. Using specially designed bicycles equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, Mobike enables users of its smartphone app to find a bike near them, reserve and unlock it, then complete their trip by simply closing the lock anywhere regular bicycle parking is allowed.

The company officially launched its service in April 2016, and in just two years, has now expanded the service to over 200 cities in 19 countries globally. By making urban cycling more accessible, popular, and smart, Mobike is delivering scaled sustainable mobility solutions for people and cities around the world. By getting people out of cars and back on bikes, Mobike is helping reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, improve traffic congestion, and benefit public health. Mobike users have collectively cycled over 18.2 billion kilometers, equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 4.4 million tons or taking 1.24 million cars off the road for a year. In recognition of its transformative contribution to the advancement of low carbon public transport, Mobike was named among the 2017 Champions of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Photo Captions –

1. dsc 6696 – Narendra Salunkhe, project officer bicycle dept PMC, Sharadchandra Darade Patil, Dean MIT, Dr I K Bhat, VC of MIT WPU, Dr Deepak Apte, Registrar MIT WPU, Vibhor Jain ceo Mobike India and students of MIT WPU Kothrud campus

2. 20180730_11353075 – Vibhor Jain ceo Mobike India interacting with students & Media at MIT WPU Kothrud campus

3. 20180730_ 113944273 – Mr. Rahul Karad, Vice President & Trustee, MAEER’s MIT Group of Institution addressing media at the event.

मुनीश्री पुलकसागरजी महाराज चातुर्मास अतिरिक्त फोटो –


1. राज्यमंत्री विजय शिवतारे यांनी मुनीश्रींना श्रीफळ देऊन मुनीश्रींचे आशीर्वाद घेतले.
2. मुनीश्री प.पू. 108 पुलकसागरजी महाराज यांच्याकडून कलश घेतांना सकल जैन वर्षायोग समितीच्या अध्यक्षा शोभा धारिवाल.

मुनिश्री पुलकसागरजींचा चातुर्मास सुरू, विविध कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन

“” दशरथाने दिलेल्या एका वचनासाठी रामाला त्याच्या राज्यापासून दूर वनवासात राहावे लागले. परंतु वाल्मीकी ऋषींनी रामायण लिहून रामाला पुन्हा सर्वांच्या घरात पोहचविले. हीच साहित्याची खरी ताकद असते. संत विचारांना, चांगल्या विचारांना लोकांपर्यंत पोहचविण्याचे महत्वाचे काम साहित्य करत असते.

असे साहित्य रचणाऱ्या साहित्यिकांचादेखील या कामात महत्वाचे योगदान असते. अशा शब्दांत प.पु.108 पुलकसागर महाराज यांनी साहित्यिकांचे महत्व अधोरेखित केले.

जैन बांधवांच्या चातुर्मास पर्वाचा रविवारपासून प्रारंभ झाला. याप्रसंगी सकल जैन वर्षायोग समिती तर्फे मुनिश्री पुलकसागर महाराज यांच्या चातुर्मासाचे महालक्ष्मी लॉन्स येथील रसिकलाल एम. धारीवाल नगरी येथे आयोजन करण्यात आले आहे.

यानिमित्ताने विविध कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यात आले आहे. तसेच “पंचरंग प्रबोधिनी’ व “पुलकवाणी’ या दोन मासिकांच्या मुनिश्रींवरील आधारित विशेषांकाचे प्रकाशनही झाले. चंदुकाका सराफ’चे मालक अतुल शहा यांचे सुपुत्र आदित्य शहा यांच्या हस्ते ध्वजारोहण करून कार्यक्रमाची सुरवात झाली. यानंतर सौ. निर्मला व श्री. बाबासाहेब खोत यांच्या हस्ते मंडपाचे उदघाटन करण्यात आले.

याप्रसंगी भगवान महावीर आणि पुलकसागरमहाज यांचे गुरू पुष्पादंतसागरजी महाराज यांच्या प्रतिमांचे अनावरण करण्यात आले. यावेळी पुणे महिला जागृती मंचाच्या महिलांनी मंगलाचरण सादर केले.

यानंतर मान्यवरांच्या हस्ते दीपप्रज्वलन करून प्रकाशन सोहळा प्रारंभ झाला. विशेषाकांच्या प्रकाशनप्रसंगी यावेळी समितीच्या अध्यक्षा शोभा धारिवाल, कार्याध्यक्ष मिलिंद फडे, पुलकवाणीच्या संपादिका डॉ. निलिम जैन, पंचरंग प्रबोधिनीचे संपादक डॉ. रावसाहेब पाटील, प्रदीप बडजात्या, अरविंद जैन, वीरकुमार शहा, जीतेंद्र शहा, उत्कर्ष गांधी, अजित पाटील, सुधीन खोत,प्रदीपमामा जैन, सोहनलालजी काला, अंकित जैन, सुजाता शहा,आनंदी शहा, उज्वला शहा, वैजयंती शहा, सुजाता घूस, भूषण शहा, प्रकाश शेडवाळे, संजय नाईक, ज्योती गांधी, प्रकाश चिवटे, किरण कोळेकर आदी उपस्थित होते. जलसंपदा राज्यमंत्री आमदार विजय शिवतारे यांनीदेखील मुनिश्रींना श्रीफळ अर्पण करून त्यांचे आशीर्वाद घेतले. तर मुंबई, बांसवाडा(राजस्थान) आणि पुणे महिला जागृती मंडळ कलाकारांनी नृत्ये सादर केली.

यावेळी उपस्थित भक्तांना मार्गदर्शन करत मुनिश्री म्हणाले,”” संत म्हणजे एखादा हाडा-मांसाचा पुतळा नव्हे, संत म्हणजे संवेदना असतात. दुसऱ्याचे दुख पाहून जो स्वत: तडफडतो, ज्याच्या डोळ्यात अश्रु येतात, तो संत असतो. तसेच संत हा तुमच्या जीवनातील मित्र, गुरू असतो. संत हे स्वत:साठी न जगता दुसऱ्यांना त्रासापासून दूर ठेवण्यासाठी जगत असतात, साधना करतात.”
दुपारी हजारो भाविकांच्या उपस्थितीत मंगलकलशाचे पूजनही करण्यात आले. व चातुर्मास पर्वास प्रारंभ झाला. याप्रसंगी आर.एम .धारिवाल फाऊंडेशनतर्फे रक्तदान शिबिराचे आयोजन करण्यात आले. त्यास उपस्थितांनी चांचला प्रतिसाद दिला


> फोटो ओळ :

* मुनीश्री प.पू. 108 पुलकसागरजी महाराज यांचा चातुर्मास धर्मानुरागी रसिकलाल एम. धारिवाल नगरी महालक्समी लॉन्स, पुणे येथे सुरू झाला. त्याप्रसंगी उपस्थित महिला व पुरुष भाविकांची गर्दी.

* भगवान महावीर व आचार्य पुष्पदंतीसागरजी महाराज यांच्या प्रतिमांचे अनावरण करण्यात आले.

* याप्रसंगी सादर झालेले नृत्यविष्कार.

* पंचरंगी जैन द्वजाचे ध्वजारोहन आदित्य शहा (चंदुकाका सराफ) यांच्या हस्ते झाले. त्याप्रसंगी मुनीश्री, शोभा धारिवाल, मिलींद फडे, इत्यादी.

* पूलकवानी प्रकाशन- डावीकडून मिलिंद फडे, उत्कर्ष गांधी, वीरकुमार शहा, अभय कोठारी, अजित पाटील, डॉ. नीलम जैन, सुजाता शहा, शोभा धारिवाल, ललित जैन, डॉ. रावसाहेब पाटील, प्रदीपमामा, सोहनलालजी काला (उदयपूर), अंकीत जैन (दिल्ली), जितेंद्र शहा.

* दीपप्रज्वलन – डावीकडून डॉ. सुरेश जैन (सिल्वासा), शोभा धारिवाल, सौ. प्रतिभामामी, प्रदीपमामा जैन, आजीत विनायका (सुरत )इत्यादी.

* भगवान महावीर व आचार्य पुष्पदंतसागरजी महाराज यांच्या प्रतिमांचे अनावरण करण्यात आले.

* मंडपाचे उद्धघाटन – मुनीश्री समवेत बाबासाहेब खोत व सौ. निर्मला खोत व आदी मान्यवर.

* सोलापूरचे डॉ. रावसाहेब पाटील संपादीत ‘पंचरंग प्रबोधिनी’ या मुनीश्रींवरील विशेष अंकाचे प्रकाशन डावीकडून डॉ. नीलम जैन, सुजाता शहा, शोभा धारिवाल, डॉ. रावसाहेब पाटील, मिलींद फडे, मुनीश्रींचे संघपती प्रदीपमामा जैन व सौ. प्रतिभा मामी, संजय नाईक.

टी वी  सितारों के  साथ क्लब ब्लैकलिस्टेड का लाँच
अंधेरी में स्थित क्लब ब्लैकलिस्टेड, बुधवार को लाँच किया गया। शहर के सबसे बड़े और अनोखे क्लबस मे अब से क्लब ब्लैकलिस्टेड भी शामिल हों गया है।
सभी पार्टी प्रेमियों को मनोरंजन, क्लबिंग और सामाजिक अनुभव अबसे यहा प्राप्त होगा।
इस क्लब की खासियत है कि यहाँ आनेवाले सभी लोगो को अद्वितीय और आकर्षक मनोरंजन प्रदान होगा।
यहा की लाईटस से क्लब के वातावरण में  एक अलग सा उत्साह छा जाता है।
इस  क्लब के लाँच के लिए टीवी के  जाने माने चेहरे शाफक नाज, स्वाती नंदा, आलोक नरुला, स्वीटी वालिया, तुषार जुल्स, निबेदीता और सोनी सिंह, मेहमान बनकर उपस्थित थे।
इस कार्यक्रम का प्रबंधन मिलाग्रो कंपनी द्वारा आयोजित किया गया था,  मिलाग्रो कंपनी इंडस्ट्री के जाने-माने चेहरे संतोष गुप्ता और साक्षी झला की  कंपनी है जो शहर भर में विभिन्न पब और लाँज का प्रबंधन करती है ।
इस अवसर पर बोलते हुए, पीनैकल सेलिब्रिटी मैनेजमेंट के मालिक संतोष गुप्ता ने कहा, “हम इस नई यात्रा के लिए बहुत उत्साहित हैं। यहा का भोजन उतकृष्ट है और यह मोहक लाँज संरक्षक को मुंहवाली अनुभव प्रदान करता है और मुझे उम्मीद है कि यहाँ आने वाले सभी लोग अपने प्रियजनों के साथ अच्छा समय बिताएंगे। “
आलोक नारुला ने कहा, “यह क्लब सबसे अच्छे क्लबों में से एक है। इसमें उत्तम भोजन विकल्पों के साथ सबसे अच्छा प्रकाश और ध्वनि  है।”
शाफक नाज ने कहा, “यह आपके दोस्तों और परिवार के साथ समय बिताने के लिए एक शानदार जगह है। यहाँ का वातावरण बहुत अच्छा है और मुझे यह जगह बहुत पसंद आई।”

कै.श्रीमती लक्ष्मीबाई दगडूशेठ दत्त मंदिर एकादशी व गुरुपौर्णिमेनिमित्त भक्तीगीत कार्यक्रम संपन्न

आषाढी एकादशी व गुरुपौर्णिमा उत्सवाच्या निमित्ताने पुण्यातील गेली ३० वर्षे संगीत क्षेत्रात कार्यरत असलेल्या व स.प.महाविद्यालय, पुणे येथून प्राध्यापिका म्हणून सेवानिवृत्त झालेल्या गायिका सुजाता सोमण व शिष्या यांच्या सुगीता भक्ती मंडळातर्फे भक्तिमय मैफल दिमाखदारपणे सादर करण्यात आली. ही मैफल श्रीमंत दगडूशेठ दत्त मंदिर येथे उभारण्यात आलेल्या मंडपात पार पडली.
कबीरदास यांच्या गुरूंचे वर्णन करणाऱ्या दोह्यांनी मैफलीस प्रारंभ झाला. त्यानंतर गणराज गजानन आवोनी, शंभो शंकरा, गुरुदेवा, सुंदर माझं जातं गं अशा गणपती, विठ्ठल यांचे वर्णन करणाऱ्या भक्तिमय रचना तसेच आईभवानी, ताकधीनाधीन बाजे बाजा, स्मराहो दत्तगुरू दिनरात या रचनांही उत्तम सादर झाल्या. या कार्यक्रमामध्ये आपल्या आवाजानी सोमण यांच्या शिष्या सुषमा राठी, शीला लिंगसूर, मालती जोशी, शोभा शहा, उर्मिला प्रधान, कुंदा कुलकर्णी, नंदा कांबळे सर्वांना मंत्रमुग्ध केले.
सुषमा राठी, शीला लिंगसूर यांनी गुरुंवरील इंदुमती जोशी रचित रचना सादर करून सर्वांना जागीच खिळवले. या मैफलीस हार्मोनियमची साथ सुजाता सोमण, तबला तन्मयी मेहेंदळे अशी लाभली होती.


फोटो ओळ – सुगीता भक्ती मंडळातील गायिका सुषमा राठी, शीला लिंगसूर, मालती जोशी, शोभा शहा, उर्मिला प्रधान, कुंदा कुलकर्णी, नंदा कांबळे आणि हार्मोनियमवर सुजाता सोमण व तबल्यावर तन्मयी मेहेंदळे सादरीकरण करताना.

Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

In India, dance or anything related to performing arts is not seen as a viable career option. It is only pursued as a side project and a “cultural” activity during childhood. Parents are of the mindset that dance does not have the potential to be a serious profession. Hence children are discouraged from pursuing it. Looking at this scenario, Attakkalari was founded to demystify the art form, making dance accessible to all sections of society.

For Example: Virendra Nishad, a budding dancer from Pune has found his calling at Attakkalari and learning how to dance. Hindrance on financial side could not hold him back from pursuing his passion, as he got scholarship from Attakkalari where he got a chance to fulfil his dream. Armed with technical knowledge and increased awareness to working in groups with so many talented people this platform helped him to evolve as a good dancer and a better performer.Attakkalari’s aim is to spread the reach of performance arts and to make dance a viable career option for young people. They work to empower young artists by giving them the necessary tools and training that will enable them to create fresh physical expressions related to their experiences, memories and thoughts. The company’s dance productions articulate human dilemmas and socially relevant ideas through a contemporary performance idiom.

Attakkalari conducting Open Workshop and Auditions for their  two year diploma program for movement arts (dance, kalaripyattu, lighting & stage technology) at Pune on Saturday July 28th, 2018, 4 PM to 6 PM, Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts will be representing Attakkalari. As part of the Diploma Program, students get to learn about professional stage craft, lighting (technical experts who manage the shows in the country have learnt it on the go. But through this program, students will get to learn these techniques from the world’s leading authorities from Germany, Austria, London and New York as they often take special courses), the different movement arts and how to bring their own creativity to the fore. Through the Diploma Program, Attakkalari aims to set a benchmark of excellence and standard here in India, one that will further showcase the inherent talent and beauty of Indian movement arts.




What: The National Diploma Programme in Movement Arts and Mixed Media – Auditions: Pune

Where: Dance oceans, S-03, 2nd floor, Sunshree Woods Commercial Complex, Near Rims International School, NIBM Road, Pune

When: Saturday, July 28, 2018, 4 PM to 6 PM

Who:  Snigdha Prabhakar, Senior Artist at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Healing Hands Clinic (HHC) to organize a free consultation & check-up camp from 28th July – 3rd August, 2018

Healing Hands Clinic (HHC) is organizing a free consultation & check-up camp at all its centers across Pune from Sat 28th July, 2018 till Fri 3rd August, 2018. Patients will be given free consultation for diseases like Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Constipation and other conditions of the anorectic region. Apart from these people suffering from Hernia and Varicose Veins will also be offered medical advice under the expert doctors.

Healing Hands Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organization will be helping the Patients who cannot afford medical treatments.

The aim of the camp is to raise awareness amongst the masses. Healing Hands Clinic is all prepared to help the patients in a need of medical surgery by performing the surgery in half of the regular cost.

The camp is conducted in accordance with HHC’s mission of extending world-class treatment to every individual, and spread awareness that will benefit the society at large. The camp would encourage those, especially women, to come forth and seek help. It is a good opportunity for people to see a doctor and take basic measures to improve their health; They would be counseled regarding diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes even though if they are not willing to go ahead with any treatments.

WHEN – Sat 28th July, 2018 till Fri 3rd August, 2018
WHERE – all centers i.e. Pune Station Road, Salunkhe Vihar, Baner, Chinchwad & Chakan
TIME – 10 AM to 6 PM


About –
HHC is India’s leading Proctology clinic founded by renowned Proctologist Dr Ashwin Porwal. The centre is pre-accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals), considered as the highest recognition for quality control in India. HHC is certified ‘Centre of Excellence in Proctology’ by world renowned colorectal surgeon Dr Antonio Longo. HHC is also certified ‘Centre of Excellence in 3D Mesh Hernia Repair’ by Dr John Murphy, Ex-president American Hernia Society