eMudhra surpasses 20 Million eSigns within two years


The landmark establishes eMudhra as the first and only eSign provider to cross the milestone

Bangalore, 17th August 2017: eMudhra, a market leader in the secure digital Identity and transaction management space, announced today it has surpassed the issuance of over 20 million eSigns. The firm launched eSign services in July 2015 and has achieved this number within a short span of 2 years. The firm announced issuance of 2.5 million eSigns at the end of the year 2016.

eSign is eMudhra’s flagship service, which allows any Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document. This is a new and innovative way to sign any document electronically without going through the hassle of signing a document physically or with a dongle based digital signature. The signature service is facilitated by authenticating the Aadhaar holder via the Aadhaar-based e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) service and an OTP sent to the registered mobile number so the customer does not have to be physically present for verifying identity. eSign is legally valid under the Information Technology Act of India. eMudhra issues 150,000 eSigns on an average per day and expects to achieve 50-75 million eSigns in the next 12 months.

On achieving this milestone, Mr V. Srinivasan, Founder Chairman eMudhra said, “From the start, our endeavor is to enable paperless transformation and support the Government of India’s (GOI) ‘Digital India’ vision. We have always laid the importance on customer convenience and substantial cost advantages to Customers through our eSign services. Crossing 20 million eSigns is a huge testament to our success in providing solutions that aligns with the government’s vision of a paperless and cashless economy. This is a very important milestone in our journey to be a leader in identity and transaction management.”

The Government is bullish on making India a technologically advanced nation. As a result of the efforts laid down by GoI, eSign has become a popular mechanism and improves the ease of doing business, allowing organizations to digitally transform their operations. Plenty of large organizations are now changing the way business is operated and this in turn is leading to a satisfied Customer. Entire technology architecture including software has been developed by the in-house R&D team of eMudhra in line with Government’s “Make in India” Vision.

While ERP, CRM, etc. address the flow of data, the last mile problem of document flow with signatures is perennially present which results in printing, signing, couriering, scanning, storage of documents adding to costs and turnaround times. eSign helps organizations sign the document digitally without the need for printing it. This reduces the time, money, and efforts lost in doing paperwork.

eMudhra’s eSign service has been widely adopted by several large organizations including banks, government agencies across the country.

About eMudhra

eMudhra is a technology, digital identity and transaction management company providing solutions which ease financial and statutory needs of consumers. eMudhra was established in 2008 and is a Certifying Authority in India and Mauritius to issue Digital Signature Certificates. eMudhra’s current enterprise and consumer solutions include Digital Signature Certificates, emSigner – Paperless Office Solution, emAS –secure multifactor authentication for banks, emCA for Digital Signature issuance and management and Prism – Voice of Customer Analytics using Semantics.

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Project  with    DOTT    Services    Pvt.    Ltd.    (contractor    for    The    Singareni    Collieries    Company    Limited)
Global    Road    Technology    (GRT)    India,    with    2459    miles    of    road    construction    currently     under    execution    unveils      its    unique    dust    control    technology    GRT:    HAUL- LOC   for    DOTT   Services    (DOTT) contractor    for   Singareni    Collieries  Mines.       
The      environment      friendly      brand      recently      completed      haulage      road      and      hardstand    (warehouse) dust    control    jobs    at    Ramakrishnapuram    Open    Cast    (RKPOC)    Coal    Mine.    GRT,    the    brand    synonymous    with    road    safety       is     expanding     fast     and     increasing     its     share     of     the     dust     control     market     in  the     mining     sector     by    delivering    chemical    technologies    that    ensure    low    maintenance,    dust    free environments.      
Speaking  on    the    occasion    Mr.    Nicholas    James    –    Executive    Director    (chemical    dust    control    &    stabilisation)    GRT,         said       “our       latest       polymer       product       GRT: HAUL–LOC   was       used       at       RKPOC       mine       to      control       dust    generated     by     machinery     and   vehicles   traversing     haulage     roads,   quarry     ramps,   and   overburden   dumps.    The        product      provided      the      following      unique      benefits:      1.      Increased      road      integrity      –      reduced      rutting,    corrugation    and    destabilisation.    2.    Reduced    pavement    and    machinery    maintenance    costs    –    less    fuel    and    tyre    consumption,    and    less    requirement    for    pavement    rebuilds    and    expensive    maintenance    procedures,    such       as     grading     and     rolling.      3.      Reduced     wastage     of     precious     resources     like     water     –     GRT:     HAUL-‐LOC    extended    the    life    of    water    and    dust    control    effects    at    RKPOC    mine    by    1200%.    4.    Increased    productivity    –    improved     visibility     and   production   (larger   areas   were   able   to   operate   at   the     same     time).   Together   with    DOTT       Services,     we     aim     to     work     towards     road     safety     and     the     elimination     of     environmental     hazards    related    to    dust    pollution.”    
“Reducing     overheads   and   increasing     efficiency     are   bonuses   (the   cream   if   you     like),   the   main     goal   is  to    improve    our    clients    health    and    safety    conditions,    and    reduce    the    environmental    impact    –    safer   working    conditions    for    staff    and    healthier    living    conditions    for    the    surrounding    communities    will    always    translate    into    productivity”    –    said    Mr.    James.        
 DOTT   CEO   –   Mr.   Raja   Shekar   Rao,   said     “he   was   pleased     with     the   result   and   looked   forward   to   working    with     GRT   in   October”.   DOTT   Vehicles   Manger   –   Mr   Pashuram,   said   “he   was   amazed   by   the   product’s    (GRT:     HAUL-LOC)     ability     to   suppress     dust   for   two   and   a   half   hours,   and   that   his   team     of   haulage   truck    operators     were   especially   pleased    with    the     safer   working  conditions    created     onsite,     and  that     he  looked    forward    to    seeing    the    solution    expanded    to    cover    all    kachha    roads    at    the    mine”.    DOTT    Warehouse    Store    Manager     –   Mr   Rajamuli   said,   “he   was   happy   with   the     clean,   dust   free     environment   the   product   (GRT:    WET-‐LOC)      created    after    only     one    pass     (application),     and    that    his    team    of    mechanics    were    extremely happy      with    the    improved    health    conditions    –    they    no    longer    had    to    breath-in      fine    dust    particles    and    worry    about    eye    infections)”.    
 Dust     pollution     is     one     of     the     main     contributing     air     contaminants     and     environmental     hazards,      having    extensive     health,   safety   and   environmental   consequences.   While   breathing,   airborne   dust   particles   can    pass      through    the    mouth    and    nostrils,    and    travel    to    the     deepest    regions    of    the  lungs;    over    prolonged    periods,    this    can    cause    many    serious    respiratory    conditions    (and    eye    diseases).    However,    it    is    only recently  that    both    employers    and    regulators    have    started    taking    this    seriously.        
GRT’s   green   products   result   in     durable   roads   with     excellent   dust   control,   making   GRT   an   infrastructurebrand     with      a      conscience.      Compared      to      conventional      processes,      GRT’s      dust      control      solutions      offer    distinct       advantages     and     lucrative     benefits,     including     easy     application     and     long     life     protection     across    extreme    climatic    conditions.    GRT’s    products    also    offer    the    toughness    and    flexibility to    be    applied    across    a     diverse      spectrum      of      industries.      Improving      safety      and      eliminating      dust      complaints      from     staff      and    surrounding    landholders,    are    some    of    the    major    driving    forces    behind    the    development    of    GRT    products.       
GRT    stabilisation,     &     erosion    &    dust    control    solutions    for     mining    conditions    include:     GRT:    HAUL-‐LOC      –    haulage     roads   (kachha   &   sealed),     quarry   ramps,     access   roads,     &     benches,   GRT:   7000/9000   –   long   term    haulage      roads,     GRT:     WET-‐LOC      –    hardstands,    yards,    pads,    &     warehouses    (withstand    heavy    machinery    movements),      GRT:      ACTIVATE      –      transfer      points,      belt      conveyors,      crushers,      screens,      &     hoppers,      GRT:    ENVIRO-‐BINDER      –      stockpiling      (short      &      long      term),      &      exposed      slopes,      &      GRT:      ORE-‐LOC        –      material    transport    (rail    cart    &    dumper)    &    bulk    material    storage    (such    as    ash    ponds).      
 Visit  grt-‐india.com    for    further    information    about    the    company    and    its    products.    
About  Global    Road    Technology:    
GRT   is   an   international   company   that   provides   revolutionary   solutions   to   create   better   and   safer   roads    for     people,     industries     and     communities.  The       company     has     been     working     in     communities     across     the    world     to   deliver   its   innovative   technology,   including   undertaking   a   number   of   projects   in   Australia,   Asia    and    the    Middle    East.    GRT    India    technology    encompasses:    
•   Specialised  Pavement    Recycling    –    CIPR,    CTB    &    Foamed    Bitumen;    
•   New  Generation    Road    Construction    –    Rigid    &    Flexible    PMGSY    /    Rural    road    pavements;    
•   Advanced    Stabilisation    –    using    marginal    materials:    lime,    polymer,    fly    ash,    slag    and    other;    
•   Chemical  Dust    Control    &    Stabilisation    –    haulage    roads,    stockpiles    &  transfer    points;    and    
•   Wholesale  Products    (B2C)    –    dust    control    and    erosion    prevention.    
GRT     has     a     full     civil     unit     with     advanced     equipment     available     to     their     clients     with     thousands     of     miles    currently    under    construction    and    management    worldwide.   FM

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Independence Day Event @ Gul Poonawalla Garden, Highlight.

At the Poonawala Garden, 15 August  morning was celebrated with a walk across the jogging track by all the daily joggers followed by the flag hoisting ceremony. This was continued with the singing of Gurbani Kirtan with the participation of kids. The program ended with a lavish breakfast and sweets served to all the participating people of the event. The event started at 7am and continued upto 10am. The event was organized by Sikh Helpline which is an organization that helps the needy financially and psychologically by provided all the help needed to people who approach them

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Lokmat announces Maha Marathon in 2017-2018 pan Maharashtra that will give the brand best possible reach.

Lokmat Announces #MahaMarathon in 2017-18– a Pan Maharashtra Initiative that will give brands best possible reach


First #MahaMarathon at Nashik on 8th October 2017To register logon to www.mahamarathon.comMarathons to be held in Nashik, Aurangabad, Kolhapur & NagpurTotal Prize Money of over 2.5mn with a Maha Award and Special Medal for Participants of all 4 citiesHuge opportunity of 360 degree marketing and brand integration with customer engagement


Mumbai, August 14, 2017- Lokmat, Maharashtra & Goa’s No.1 Daily, announces a Maharashtra Special Marathon – Lokmat #MahaMarathon targeting 21kms Half Marathons to be held in 4 mega cities of Maharashtra. The cities include Nashik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and Nagpur. With latest technology and infrastructure, Lokmat #MahaMarathon will be planned, organised and executed by Taplight, Lokmat’s Experiential Marketing & Brand Solution Division who already have many 1sts to its credit. The Marathon expertise is provided by consultant YOUTOOCANRUN who have created over 15 successful Marathons in India. 1st MahaMarathon is in Nashik on October 8, 2017.

The dates include –

1.      Nashik – October 8th 2017

2.      Aurangabad – December 17th 2017

3.      Kolhapur – January 28th 2018

4.      Nagpur – February 11th 2018

Different types of run –

·         Family Run – 3 Km

·         Fun Run – 5 Km

·         Power Run – 10 Km

·         Half Marathon – 21 Km

Lokmat concluded a successful 1st edition of Lokmat Marathon at Aurangabad in 2016 with over 5000 people and a combined multimedia reach, thus making it one of the largest events involving over 3million people in the heritage city of Maharashtra. Special categories had been created for national and international runners in this Marathon.


This initiative is the brainchild of Ms Ruchira Darda, Founder Of Lokmat Marathon & Chief Learning Officer, The Yellow Door, “Marathon or running for your city is intrinsically connecting with a city’s wellbeing as not only does it invite everyone to come together and run but also integrates fitness in their daily calendar. More and more Marathoners are coming up from smaller towns with an aspiration to participate in National and International Marathons. Therefore at Lokmat, being Maharashtra’s No 1 newspaper, it was imperative to create platforms for runners from Tier 2 and 3 cities to come ahead, chase their dreams and fulfill their passion.  With an overwhelming response last year in Aurangabad alone, this year we are geared up to launch a large scale Maha Marathon with a great reach.”


Organised by Taplight, Mr Aniruddha Hajare, Vice President & Business Head, says, “At Lokmat we have become the only significant bridge connecting brands with our readers in Maharashtra through unique engagement initiatives that yield response and give additional value to our partners. This Maha Marathon is an unique initiative targeted at bringing out the unfulfilled aspirations of people across Maharashtra who can participate, encourage others and create this as a practice ground for future growth. Along with great print led engagement, this Maha event will see host of on ground, online and pre event buzz created through series of partnerships thus aimed at providing immense value to all partners.”


About us:

Taplight is Lokmat Media’s Experiential, Events, Brand activation and IPs division. It has over 1600 events to its credit with main properties as – Lokmat Maharashtrian of the Year, Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish, Lokmat women Summit, Lokmat Infra Conclave, Lokmat Urja Summit and many more.  It believes in strength of its ideas and reach. With a team of over 200 across Maharashtra, it has the significant power of turning great ideas into excellent execution and thus providing the desired reach and response for brands.

Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. is a leading multi-platform media company with interests in a diversified portfolio of publishing, broadcast, digital, entertainment, community and sports verticals. ‘Lokmat’ is the largest read regional language newspaper in India with 23.5 million readers (Source: Total Readership, IRS ’12 Q4) and the No. 1 Marathi newspaper in the country with 11 editions and a circulation of 1.4 million copies (Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation, July – Dec ’14). ‘Lokmat Samachar’, with 3 editions is one of the largest read Hindi daily in the country with over 1.3 million readers (Source: Total Readership, IRS ’12 Q4). ‘Lokmat Times’ has 3 editions.

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Independence Day Celebration by Sikh Sangat Pune at Gul Poonawalla Garden.

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Day 1 – I Squash Pune, Oprn Championship, 2017

Day1 of the Pune Squash Championship 2017 showcased about 40 matches consisting of categories for Girls(Under 13), Men(Open), Boys (Under 13, 15, 17 and 19), Masters (Over 35, 45)

The best match of the day was between Anjali Kumar and Anya Baphna (PIC Attached) played a tough 5-set match in Girls(under 13) with score of 3-11, 10-12, 11-9, 11-8, 11-9. 

Anjali Kumar was the winner of this match. In the Master(Over 45)  match between Dr. Sri Ram Rao and Mr. Murli the score was 11-4, 11-7,11-2 won by Dr. Sri Ram Rao.

All Scores can be seen here:



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Citadel Extravaganza 2017 – 15th Edition

Photo Caption:


Rashmi Jha (Rising Bollywood Star who has recently made a debut in the film Indu Sarkar); Mr. Nari Hira (Chairman, Magna Publishing Co. Ltd); Ashok Dhamankar (Director, Magna Publishing) with the final contestants of the 15th edition of Citadel Extravaganza 2017.


Citadel Extravaganza- Mr & Miss. Citadel Pune 2017



Pune, August 12, 2017: AnjKreations presents Citadel Extravaganza 2017, which is in aasociation with Sansui, Ghanasingh Fine Jewels and Sheraton Grand Pune, has taken over the spotlight once more in full swing. The auditions for 15th Citadel Extravaganza were held recently, out of which seven boys and seven girls were shortlisted for the Grand Finale to be held in the city. The contestants were marked based on their height, confidence, intelligence, communication skills, and overall personality.


Addressing and welcoming the media were Mr. Nari Hira, Chairman, Magna Publishing Co. Ltd Mr. Ashok Dhamankar, Director and Nishad Shinde, Editor, Citadel magazine.  The Chief Guest for the evening was Rashmi Jha, who needs no introduction.


 Speaking at the occasion, Nishad Shinde, Editor, Citadel, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to present the 15th year of CitadelExtravaganza. We have received over 150 entries from across India & abroad, and even though it was a challenging task for us to present the shortlisted 14, it was a great experience nonetheless.” 


“The 14 finalists who will be walking the ramp and showcasing their talent in the Grand Finale will be held on 19th August, 2017, at Sheraton Grand Pune,” he added.


The finalists will be groomed by the extremely talented groomer, Lovell Prabhu. Citadel Extravaganza has been Pune’s hottest show, wherein the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and the popular Bollywood celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan, Suniel Shetty, Raveena Tandon, to name a few, have graced this spectacular show as chief guests, amongst several others. As for the last year, Rajeev Khandelwal, the popular Bollywood heartthrob was seen wooing the contestants and sharing invaluable tips with them.


The countdown for Citadel Extravaganza- Mr. and Miss. Citadel Pune 2017, has begun. The event, with a heady blend of talent and glamour, which is graced every year by a bevy of celebrities will be held on 19th August 2017, at Sheraton Grand Pune, from 7.30 pm onwards.


Citadel Extravaganza Sponsors and Partners:

Title Sponsor: AnJKreations

Hair & Make Up Partner- A’Kreations

Design Partner: AnjKreations

PR Partners: Reach Out & Inspirations

Event Choreographer & Grooming Expert: Lovell Prabhu

Fitness Partner: Gold’s Gym

Event Partner: Envisage Events & Entertainment

Student Partner: NIEM

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Media Briefing



& Mr. Nishad Shinde


Request the pleasure of your company to attend a

Press Conference to announce the upcoming


AnjKreations Presents 




in association with Sansui, Ghanasingh Fine Jewels and Sheraton Grand Pune


 7 female & 7 male finalists of MR & MISS. CITADEL PUNE 2017  will be introduced at the Press Conference. 



Date:  Friday, August 11, 2017

Time: 7.30 pm, followed by cocktails & dinner

Venue: Pride Hotel, Shivajinagar, Pune




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ISquash Pune Closed Squash Championship 2017 12th August to 15th August.

ISquash Academy, established in May 2016 by Marisha Jilka, who moved from Singapore with a motive of helping Squash grow in India as there were very few quality training centres for children. In a year, the academy has over 120+ students who are training regularly in 7 centres in Pune. In addition, ISquash Academy has helped many coaches such as Ashish Sunny, Sandeep Arya and Jainendra Bhandari to get themselves certified. The academy has also organised various Camps, Leagues and Amateur Tournaments regularly for the Squash Players around the city in the past year.


The Pune Closed Squash Championship is one of the city’s longest running squash tournaments. Conducted every year for the last two decades, the championship is open to squash players that are residents of Pune. The event has consistently grown in size each year, especially so in the last few years as the squash scene in Pune has witnessed exponential growth. This year, the championship is presented by the Poona Club, and is sponsored by Pune iSquash Academy, Prince, Karia Builders, Ihealth mantra, Sahyadri Industries, Beem Pro – Soft Skill Training, the Spobble App and VR Labs, our Tech Partner.


With over 250 entries, this year’s edition will be the largest Pune Closed ever. Of special note is the fact that there is an ‘Under 9’ category, highlighting the fact that children are coming to the sport at a younger and younger age with the youngest player being of 7 years. There will also be several Masters event, including an ‘Over 55’ category with the oldest player aged 72. There are about 15 categories which will be played in this event. Lastly, a category that is growing in popularity has seen a record number of entries this year, namely, the doubles event. The cash price for the event is Rs. 50,000 along with vouchers and coupons from different sports outlets. The championship will run from August 12th to 15th at the Poona Club Squash Complex managed by Manish Mehta who is a professional Squash player and member of Poona Club also mentioned that he will be planning for Pune Squash Open very soon.


We plan to create more awareness about the sport as it is not as popular in India and have Squash Training Camps monthly and launch the Pune Squash Open next year with professional players from all over the world coming to play for the event. iSquash Academy aims to grow the sport from the ground up in Pune and give it the popularity that it deserves so that we create players who can win India Gold in PSA World Championships.

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ISquash Pune Close Championship 2017 Media Briefing

Venues:Poona Club Squash Complex
Date: 11th August, Friday
time: 01.30pm
Address: Poona Club Swimming Pool, Richardson Rd, Beside RSI, Pune.

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